Interview with Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created ‘rivers of blood’

Most people think that you are anti Semitic if you reject Israel and Zionism. Apart from the fact that most people calling themselves secular Jews are not Semites at all but descendants of Ashkenazi Jews making that accusation nill and void, here is what Rabbi Dovid Weiss has to say about it.  


Why Is Israel Paying Cameron Slater To Come To Israel And Did They Pay For David Farrars Trip Too?

John Key has shown on several occasions, such as walking out of the UN council when Ahmadinejad was speaking, that he fully supports Israels politics and the combination of the two most powerful political bloggers propagandizing Israel’s criminal policies outside of the MSM and John Key as the Prime Minister make for a very powerful pro-Israel lobby in a country which could do with a more neutral or even critical stance on what Israel is doing in GAZA and the West bank.

Guy Boyland Wasn’t Fighting Hamas. Guy Boyland and The IDF where massacring unarmed civilians.

Much is made of the death of a Kiwi Israeli soldier. He died while on the murderous genocidal mission Netanjahu send the IDF on in Gaza. He is described as courageous, patriotic and wanting the most dangerous job while serving in the IDF. In fact he was killed when he was setting explosives in one […]

Mleeta, Khiam, Sabra, Shatila and Resistance In General

Gilad Atzmon is Jewish, Israeli, a musician, a writer and a political activist.  I found him during my travels on the Internet and he is one of my facebook friends. This allows me to follow his journey as an anti Zionist political activist meeting with people all over the world as he shares his music […]

rabbi soetendorp

On Jewish and Christian Zionism: Why Learning About It Is Essential And Ignoring It Will Lead to Catastrophe!

In the wake of the attacks on Jewish graves in the old Jewish graveyard in Auckland a discussion erupted on Facebook about Zionism and one of my Facebook friends an otherwise well informed activist said she didn’t want to know more about Zionism. Here is what she said: No. I don’t want to know more […]

On Judaism Versus Zionism And Why The Desecration of Graves Is ALWAYS Wrong

This week 20 graves in a Jewish Graveyard were damaged and desecrated by people who thought that this was a great idea. Yesterday a house was vandalised with swastika’s and Heil Hitler signs. I don’t know the  motivation of the perpetrators but other than causing the families of the people who are buried there a […]

Anti-Zionism growing amongst Jews

How confusing this must be to most Kiwi’s! Due to their ignotrance (typo but is is so very much how most Kiwi’s blunder through life I’ve decided to keep it in) in most matters overseas and the constant propaganda from the New Zealand Zionist Federation which supported John Key’s accent to the Prime ministerial seat […]

Afghanistan,Iran and the Jewish question.

Our claim to this land could be put in a nutshell: God does not exist, and he gave us this land. Israeli professor sarcastic remark on why the Jews are entitled to Israel. Yesterday another bid was made to make Ahmadinajad look like a rabid Jew hater when it was “revealed” that his parents had […]

Rabbi-in-chief: Barack Obama’s Jewish connection

Rabbi Capers Funnye is in a tiny minority in the US: he’s an African-American Jew. He’s also Michelle Obama’s cousin and has the ear of the US president. Zev Chafets meets the charismatic leader who wants mainstream Judaism to accept that Israelites don’t have to be white. Rabbi Capers Funnye celebrated Martin Luther King Day […]

Hill of Shame where Gaza bombing is spectator sport

I would call these gouls Orthodox Zionist Jews in reverence to the Orthodox anti Zionist Jews of groups such as Narturai karta,  Jews against Zionism, Aotearoa Jews for Justice, and the many, many other Jewish groups who in their shared humanity with us stand appalled and tall against the Criminal Genocide commited by Israel. Martin […]

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss speaks out against Zionism

Perhaps it is interesting to hear what a practising fundamentalist Jewish Rabbi has to say about the genocide in Gaza. May our words be pleasing to the Creator and cause His Great Name to be sanctified. Assalaam Aleikhum: The world stands aghast as the atrocities being committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, becomes known […]

Hamas press conference after Israeli Gaza strikes – 27 Dec08

No I don’t agree with Arab extremists or support attacks on Israel, but there are two sides to every conflict and  we never get to hear their side through the Main stream media. So here you have it and for gods sake try to educate yourself about the whole sordid history of the origins of […]

“The Wandering Who?”

By Gilad Atzmon 02/09/08 “ICH” — – -University historian, Professor Shlomo Sand, opens his remarkable study of Jewish nationalism quoting Karl W. Deutsch: A nation is a group of people united by a common mistake regarding its origin and a collective hostility towards its neighbours” [1] As simple or even simplistic as it may sound, […]

What Price Israel? (1953)

By Alfred M. Lilienthal 21/08/08 “ICH” — – In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson sent the King-Crane Commission (30) to Palestine and other places in the Near East for an American survey of conditions in the former Ottoman Empire. On its return, the Commission declared that a “National home for the Jewish people is not equivalent […]

Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran

I wonder what John Key’s stance is with regards to the coming attack on Iran? 12/08/08 “ICH” — – Efforts to beat the drums of war for an attack on Iran’s nuclear reactor facilities are promoted in both the USA and Israel scenes. The recent New York Times opinion piece of July 18th, written by the […]

AIPAC rules the foreign policy of the USA

Portrait of a taboo. AIPAC the powerful Israeli lobby that rules the USA foreign policy to the point that it is detrimental to the USA itself. Why don’t we have documentaries like this on NZTV? Why don’t we talk about Israel and it’s pressure on the USA, because you will be called an Anti-Semite.

Footage shows ‘settler attack’ on Palestinians

Amazing, a mainstream news paper can’t get around the news that Jewish settlers are terrorising Palestinians and the  only photo they can come up with is a young stone throwing Palestinian. The story is about abuse by Jewish settlers against Palestinians. They even have video of it so they could have used a still from […]

With Friends Like These…

Criticism from within Israel: By Uri Avnery 20/05/08 “ich’ — – Lately we are flooded with friends. The Great of the Earth, past and present, come here to flatter us, to fawn on us, to grovel at our feet. “God, save me from my friends, my enemies I can deal with myself!” says an old […]