Did You Know A Third Building Fell On 9/11?

In support of my 9/11 activist buddies in Wellington I want to give some attention to the fact that they are putting posters up all over Wellington to ask for attention for the fact that a third building collapsed on 9/11 which not a lot of people know about. In fact when I saw the […]

Quake Damages the Beehive! Maybe Now They’ll Give The People IN Christchurch Some Real Help!

In New Zealand Landlords think nothing of making money of the misery of people needing to rent. Nowhere is it more evident than in the poor city of Christchurch where people made homeless by the Earthquake are forced to pay extortionist rents for bad houses and where the help they need to rebuild their lives […]

On Dying Cities, Weird Growth Predictions Or is Agenda 21 At Play Here

About a year ago I started inquiring about a top up on our mortgage to invest in a new workshop. The first question was how far away I lived from a city. I told the lady and it was apparently within the allowed radius as we got our top up and are now the proud […]

Fiery protest ‘endangered public’ more on the Cuba Mall “protester’

It appears that a man who was clearly “distressed” and over “exited” (or mentally unstable) set fire to his car in Cuba street Wellington and kept yelling things about youtube and fractional reserve banking. It also appears the police had dealings with this man earlier in the week. I understand that until someone does something […]

Car blown up in Wellington: attempt to smear OWS activists?

Today an idiot blew up a car in Cuba street in Wellington and it is alleged that a message was printed on the road saying: What is fractional banking….. Google it! The whole operation smells of a cointelpro. Could it be that the powers that be want to smear the OWS movement and are trying […]

English shouldn’t get a cent

Just in case you feel that I as a foreigner should not attack the kiwi finance minister let’s see what a respected political editor has to say about Bill English’s antics. This one is by Duncan Garner Bill English should cut the pretence. He doesn’t live in Dipton and hasn’t for more than a decade. […]

11 September, Wellington and 911 truth.

I will come to Wellington just before the 11th to support you, Wellingtonian 911 truthers. We should be having a field day with WTC 7 and the ridiculous NIST explanation. LOL. I am very curious to meet you all and look forward to a day of action. I will be burning high quality DVD’s with […]