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New Zealand Minister For Defense Gerry Brownlee Secretly Visits Israel To Meet With A War Criminal Indicted Under International Law

It was December 2006 when Judge Avinash Deobhakta filed papers for the arrest of Moshe Ya’alom for his role in the 2002 assassination of Hamas commander Salah Shehade He did so in order to comply with the requirements of New Zealand as a signatory to the Geneva Conventions. Moshe Ya’alom who’s birth name is Moshe […]

War, Economic crisis, Terror, Banking, Oil Are All Interconnected.

This is a list of interconnected concepts compiled by Prof Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research. ——————————————————————— Everything is interrelated: war, terrorism, the police state, the global economy, economic austerity, financial fraud, corrupt governments, poverty and social inequality, police violence, Al Qaeda, ISIS, media disinformation, racism, war propaganda  weapons of mass destruction, the derogation of international law, […]

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

John Key has used some of these bogus stories to sell New Zealand the idea that a war is nessesary and that we have to be part of it to belong to the club! 1. Female genital mutilation edict – July 2014   Who it fooled: Most major media outlets from Time to Reuters to The Atlantic to the BBC (whose story has since been scrubbed online). […]

Israel Shuts Down Power To Hundreds of Thousands Of Palestinians In The Dead Of Winter.

While John Key is taking us to war against an enemy armed by our allies Israel is continuing to commit Genocide. It is a pity that John Key is happy to stand by and let that happen! Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are cashed strapped this winter because Israel is withholding $240 million in tax […]

Low Life Scum War Criminal Calls Anti War Protesters Low Life Scum!

John McCain, one of Americas worst war criminals and known for hands on negotiations with leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL called the brave people of code pink low life scum when they attempted a citizen arrest of another low life scum war criminal, Henry Kissinger who sat next to another low life scum war […]

The Prime Minister of New Zealand visits NATO

On NATO, Drones And A Murderous Prime Minister Laying Roses On Anzac Day While We Are Hurtling To WWIII

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry_Kissinger Let me start by saying that Henry Kissinger’s opinion on Military men is his opinion not mine. In the current climate of Nationalism and propaganda a lot of men and women feel that to join the army is a […]

General Patraeus Is Lucky, He Could Have Been A Syrian Catholic.

General Patraeus is a lucky man. Once one of the most powerful generals of the US army and responsible for the death of millions of people in his career overseeing wars in Iraq, Afganistan and until August 2011 responsible for the entire war on terror with a sick liking for torture and brutality he was […]

A Powhiri For a War Criminal: Meet The Man Who’ll Send Your Kids to Hell In WWIII

Today a Powhiri was held in Auckland for the man who will send Kiwi soldiers to die in WWIII. The US Defence secretary Leon Panetta today was received with full honours. He was received with a Powhiri and we were invited to bring our ships over to the US were from now on they will […]

British Parliament Plans for a Statue of War Criminal Tony Blair

The good news is that there will be a some great events in the future: The toppling of the statue of Tony Blair when the down trodden masses finally rise up and start pulling all these statues over would be one of them. Just imagine the street party around it!   I remember one particularly […]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu pulls out of South Africa summit because he does not want to share platform with Tony Blair

My hero!!! Archbishop Desmond Tutu has pulled out of an event because he refused to share a platform with Tony Blair. The Nobel Peace Prize winner said it would be ‘inappropriate’ for him to attend the event in South Africa tomorrow because of Mr Blair’s ‘morally indefensible’ support for the Iraq war. The withdrawal comes […]

Kazakhstan hires Tony Blair as star consultant to attract investment

Not that I care but someone should warn President Nursultan Nazarbayev who is one of the most corrupt despots in the world. People around Tony Blair have a tendency to die in very public an gruesome ways Kazakhstan said Monday it has hired Britain’s ex-prime minister Tony Blair as a consultant to attract new investment […]

Tony Blair’s six secret visits to Col Gaddafi

For in debt info on Psychopaths scroll down and watch the 35 minute video! Tony Blair’s close relationship to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has come under fresh scrutiny after it emerged he had six private meetings with the dictator in the three years after he left Downing Street. Five of those meetings took place in a […]

Day of judgement? £250,000 ring of steel for Tony Blair’s grilling

Will Tony Blair the Greedy finally be exposed for what he is: an unmitigated war criminal who lied his country to war with Iraq knowing full well he was? I hope so but to be honest I won’t hold my breath. Taxpayers face a £250,000 security bill to protect Tony Blair from attack at the […]

Obama’s Psycho Killer is going to enforce Obama’s “Peace” effort in Afghanistan

Let me introduce you to the Psycho general hand picked by Obama to enforce “Peace” a la Nobel in Afghanistan. General McChrystal is quit a man. A man who has quit a past and none of it turns out is remotely connected to the saintliness bestowed on Obama with the Nobel price for peace. In […]

First Order of Business for Post-Lisbon EU: Appoint War Criminal As President

Say what? Who the fuck voted him in? Major media outlets from the BBC in Britain to RTE in Ireland are now reporting that the Yes side scored a resounding victory in Ireland’s vote Friday on the EU Lisbon Treaty. With the treaty’s ratification, the obstacles preventing the total federalization of the EU superstate are […]

Brown formally backs Blair as candidate for ‘President of Europe’

War criminal Blair as the first president of Europe. If this doesn’t show you that the shadow government and his banking pals are taking over I don’t know what will. Tony Blair won the formal backing of Gordon Brown yesterday as Britain’s candidate to become the first “President of Europe”. Downing Street endorsed Baroness (Glenys) […]

Crying girl darts away from Bush at White House tee-ball game

Maybe she looked him in the eyes and saw his soul. LOL. A little girl became so badly frightened while being introduced to President Bush on Wednesday during a White House tee-ball game that she darted away in tears. The girl was one of 50 children who had been invited to the White House for […]

Tony Blair: I want to spend my life uniting faiths

You have to give it to the guy. First he takes part in creating the greatest rift between Muslims, Christians and Jews since the Crusades and now he wants to help heal that rift again. His own faith seems to have helped him perpetrate the most hideous wars against humanity and he didn’t tell anyone […]