On Shooting at Helicopters, the Birmingham Looter And Why Revolution is Becoming Inevitable

let me start with an disclaimer: I do not condone Violence, Looting or Riots as a rule. In fact I absolutely abhor it. But when Crime, Looting and let’s face it Violence on an apocalyptic scale are being perpetrated by a small ultra rich cabal I don’t see how it can be avoided that other […]

Are Greece and Detroit test grounds for societal shut down or the beginning of the end?

For those of you interested to see and learn what happens when societies collapse (if only to be able to prepare) two places stand out for study. One of them of course is Greece and another is the once proud city of Detroit in the land of the free and the brave oppressed and the […]

Wall St protests: Police harsh, media silent?

Some 80 people have been arrested in lower Manhattan as the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest enters its second week. Police have been harsh in quelling the rally. However, not much of their violence is being reported by the mainstream media. Tensions are rising near Wall Street, where hundreds of demonstrators fed up with the […]

The poison is in the tail: Charlie Sheen and 911 or how to smear a 911 truth advocate

I don’t condone domestic violence and I’m sure Charlie Sheen is not the nicest of guys when under the influence of drugs and alcohol but why spend three pages on a simple case of two people getting drunk early in the morning and getting in fight. It happens all the time and some of them […]

Rate of Violence Skyrocketing in Afghanistan

For those 33,000 troops in Afghanistan, for the first time now, life has become more dangerous than in Iraq. While U.S. hostile fire fatalities in Iraq last month dropped to their lowest level since December, the news has been far grimmer coming out of Afghanistan.  In terms of enemy fire, May 2008 was the second […]