Urgent: Vinny Eastwood Interviews Dr Guy Hatchard About The Natural Products Bill

Vinny Eastwood interviews Dr Guy Hatchard and talking about the very dangerous legislation being rammed through NZ parliament right now while the country sleeps! THE NATURAL PRODUCTS BILL will affect every kiwi and similar legislation is being geared up around the world! It will essentially give the big pharmaceutical companies whose drugs kill people every […]

John Key times

Freedom Of Speech Curtailed In New Zealand: Vinny Eastwood’s Youtube Channel Shut Down

Vinny Eastwood an independent radio show host and journalist must have really got up someones nose. Yesterday he found his entire youtube channel shut down on the grounds that he apparently committed multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations. Vinny has been running this […]

Harvey Norman, free money and why GE money tries to get you into debt

I personally have given up on my ugly mug a long time ago but if you can bear to watch and you find the info in these short reactions on the mud stream media informative you might want to share these video’s with your friends still believing the crap they are being fed in our […]

Interview with Gordon Duff from Veterans today about John Key and what he will do to New Zealand for his banking mates

Last week I had the chance thanks to young intrepid radio show host Vinny Eastwood to ask one of my hero’s a few questions about international finance and the connection to John Key. Gordon Duff the man I interviewed is the senior editor of one of the biggest online publications; Veterans today. Gordon Duff is […]

Live on Vinny Eastwood show with Gordon Duff 12-1 pm

Gordon Duff is one on my heroes. He is the senior editor of Veterans today and a banking wistle blower! Vinny will be hosting the show and I hope I will be able to ask some questions as to John Key and his complicity in the banking debacle!!!