US Marines,Depleted Uranium and US Bases, Are You Ready For This Thing Called Love?

Since 9/11 the US has been showering their love for their fellow man around the globe. Well… they did so before the events but since then they have, I hope you will agree, intensified to truly maniacal proportions their attempts to “free” the planet of nasty terrorists and other monsters hell bend on destroying our […]

US Marines to visit New Zealand

Oh yeah, the evil empire comes to visit and we have to be grateful! For what actually. For the wars they involved NZ in, for the agent Orange giving NZ cancer, for the Depleted Uranium and the war crimes and the empire vampire squid banksters they help to loot the planet? FFS! The United States […]

Afghans appalled Marines not charged in killings

Yep, liberating the Afghan people alright. KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan officials expressed outrage Saturday at the decision by the U.S. military not to charge U.S. Marines involved in a shooting spree that left 19 civilians dead in 2007. Maj. Fred C. Galvin, who commands the unit accused of killing civilians, will not be charged. […]