Iran can be defeated in 3 weeks!

According to Authorities Iran can be defeated in three weeks in what I think is the most frightening nut case announcement yet. 70.000.000 people are sitting ducks for the madness that has gripped the leadership of the empire. I despair when I hear these things but here it is.

US Marines to visit New Zealand

Oh yeah, the evil empire comes to visit and we have to be grateful! For what actually. For the wars they involved NZ in, for the agent Orange giving NZ cancer, for the Depleted Uranium and the war crimes and the empire vampire squid banksters they help to loot the planet? FFS! The United States […]

“Not even Jesus could reverse the decline in the US”

According to economist and writer William Engdahl we are living through an event which occurs once every 500 years or so. The event? A total collapse of an empire, the US empire to be precise of which we are a part whether you like it or not. He reckons not even Jesus could resurrect the […]

A Unipolar World Dominated by the US is Unacceptable to Russia Medvedev spells out five principles of Russian foreign policy

The bear is back. Flush with oil and gas revenues Russia reacted swiftly when Georgia’s troops attacked South Ossetia only three hours after Georgia’s president Saakashvili had reassured the South Ossetian population that no military action would be taken. Russia surprised the western world with a quick and decisive action. Within a week Georgia was […]