Greek Unemployment Soars To New Record, 56.6% Of 15-24 Year Olds Without Job

Judging by ongoing momentum moves in various European stock and bond market indicators, one could be left with the impression that something in the continent is actually improving. And while hope of improvement is certainly be high, the reality is vastly different as confirmed by the just released Greek unemployment data, which saw the broad […]

On Revolution, Food Prices and Youth Unemployment or Why the GDP Scam Is About To Explode

According to the official figures the global economy is growing and all is hunky dory. England’s economy is healing and China is racing ahead and while Ben “helicopter” Bernanke is a tad worried about deflation there is nothing that another bit if Quantitative Easing won’t fix. And while most Kiwi’s will continue to live in […]

Some schocking, incompatible and infuriating headlines

In Greece children have to go to school with shoes with holes in them and they are fainting because they are starving but the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde is telling the Greek to pay their taxes in a hideous display of callousness. While all over the Globe millions of people are facing financial […]

The Nats’ muddle, your job on the line

Here’s a nice list of jobs lost or on the verge of being lost in NZ. Hat tip the Standard! I guess all those fired or soon to be fired “voters” will be happy with the services they need when they need to claim unemployment benefit As National muddles through, refusing to reexamine its economic […]

Over 300,000 Kiwis on benefits

The number of New Zealanders receiving a benefit has risen to 302,000 – the highest level since 2005. There was “no escaping” the effects of the recession on the economy, Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett told Parliament’s social services select committee this morning. As unemployment soared the number of people receiving the dole […]

The Fed’s War on Cash

While Bollard bollocks the Kiwi punters into believing that “the worst is over” while both he and John Key know full well that we are only at the beginning of the worst depression since the great depression the rest of the world is fully aware of the reality setting in. John Key has to keep […]

Prepare For Depression Level Unemployment

What does this mean for New Zealand? If the US has no industry to speak of and after the deflation inflation will rage, nobody and I mean nobody will want to spend money on luxury goods such as timber, cheese, dairy and meat that needs to be imported from halfway across the world. Well, we […]

Low unemployment rate hides rise in long-term jobless

WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton’s campaign famously defined the 1992 election with the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Today, “It’s the jobs, stupid.” The latest employment figures, released in late January, showed a 52-month streak of job creation ending with a loss of 17,000 jobs in January. The Bush administration acknowledged the contraction, but pointed to […]