How Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Are Designed to End Democracy

By Eric Zuesse U.S. President Barack Obama has for years been negotiating with European and Asian nations — but excluding Russia and China, since he is aiming to defeat them in his war to extend the American empire (i.e, to extend the global control by America’s aristocracy) — three international ‘trade’ deals (TTP, TTIP, & […]

Behold The New Anschluss: ECB’s Paramo – “Prepare To Give Up Significant Sovereignty”

From Zero hedge: The only quote worth noting from the just delivered speech by ECB executive board member José Manuel González-Páramo is the following: “We cannot completely delegate governance to financial markets. The euro area is the world’s second largest monetary area. It cannot depend solely on the opinions of ratings agencies and markets. It […]

Is John Key heading for a position with Goldman Sachs?

Here is a picture which shows who’s who in Europe and their connections with Goldman Sachs: These men are currently either unelected prime ministers of countries such as Italy and Greece whose populations have no choice in the matter or advisers to elected rulers and all of them have had high functions with Goldman Sachs. […]

Sadly, Israel is no longer democratic

Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin and philosopher Asa Kasher, two respected men around here, published an article entitled: “A just war of a democratic state,” (Haaretz, April 24, Hebrew). A remark about the first part: There are wars that are necessary for self-defense or to fight injustice and evil. But the expression “just” is problematic when […]

Bulldozed rush of legislation makes mockery of democracy

Ok, let me get this straight; They had Eugene Bingham up Key’s ass in the run up to the elections. The man lied and spun and lost all the meagre integrity he had before he became John Key’s NZ Herald muppet and now that same paper criticises National and their man John Key for doing […]