We Are In Surplus. What?

In the UK in March 2015 the Government added prostitution and drug dealing to the GDP so they could pump the numbers. Yesterday the NZ government all of a sudden announced that we were in surplus. How can we be in surplus when our debt like in the UK is exploding?! Have they added prostitution […]

What do China Pakistan And The UK have In Common? Huawei’s House Safe Internet Filter!

By the end of next year the UK will have a filter on all its internet traffic. That filter so we have been told will make sure no dirty porn will ever pollute the minds of your little darlings ever again! You don’t have to have that filter of course but you will have to […]

The Queen

Secret papers show extent of senior royals’ veto over bills!

Just in case you still think that the English Queen is just a ceremonial head of state and a tourist attraction. Perhaps you should reconsider! What is interesting is that the queen “torpedoed” proposed legislation relating to decisions about going to war! Does this mean she made the decision to go to war and if […]

Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

By Paul Craig Roberts. A coward dies many deaths; a brave man dies but once. The once proud British government, now reduced to Washington’s servile whore, put on its Gestapo Jackboots and declared that if the Ecuadorean Embassy in London did not hand over WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, British storm troopers would invade the embassy with […]

Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes

Why am I not surprised? Review finds thousands of papers detailing shameful acts were culled, while others were kept secret illegally. Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed during the final years of the British empire were systematically destroyed to prevent them falling into the hands of post-independence governments, […]

Making jokes on twitter now can you get arrested for terrorism!

Just in case you are making plans to go to the US (in which case I think you’re totally nuts) you might recall what you posted on Twitter or facebook or your own blog for that matter. ‘I’m going to destroy America and dig up Marilyn Monroe’: British pair arrested in U.S. on terror charges […]

For more independent information here are PressTV and RT online

Here is a link to an interview with two Press analysts on the banning the Iranian sender Press TV of the UK Sky senders. Truth-Jihad-32k-012512.mp3 Here are the links to the websites of PressTV and Russia Today So you can form your own opinion  

Of course people riot and of course they loot, Not a nice thing but this is what happens when the system protects the rich and punishes the poor!

But the left, the Anglo-American left? Where and what do our most prominent public intellectuals, including those with booking agents charging five-digit lecture fees, have to say about this world-wide revolt? Nary a word is found in left, center-left magazines, web sites and blogs. During their lucrative lectures, they thunder against the immoralities of war […]

Mandelson rules the UK from his holiday address: chez Rothchild

While Mandy and his rich prick friends have a good time 34 Million people in the US are on food stamps. Disgusting. Just in case you had any doubt about who really rules the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand. They’re not even hiding it anymore. This is Mandelson visiting his good friend Nat […]

Union fury as civil service outsources jobs to India

Again this is the UK but since we reinstalled the British colonial honour system and we all swear allegiance to the English Queen how long before it happens here? So you finally bought your counsil house with a mortgage stinking to high heaven of bubbled value. You work your asses of and the counsil has […]

Shocking suicide toll on combat veterans

Why, if the Afghanistan war is such a righteous war, do young men want to kill themselves after serving their country so heroically? Because they know the truth. The war in Afghanistan is a dirty illegal war serving the oil Moloch and not at all a war to liberate the Afghans from the Taliban. The […]

More than one million people stopped and searched by police using anti-terror laws in just 12 months

The population of England was as per July 2008 60,943,912 souls. That means that the police searched more than 340 people a day. Just imagine being stopped and searched out of the blue on the street because another human being who happens to wear a funny blue uniform think you look “terroristic”. Of all those […]

‘Will you open fire on UK citizens’ Army personnel being asked

This from the UK. In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to ‘open fire’ […]

House prices ‘could drop another 55%’ and leave Britain bankrupt

House prices could slump by another 55 per cent, a respected City forecaster warns. It also predicts a deep recession lasting throughout next year and a ‘very real probability’ that Britain will go bankrupt. The report leaked yesterday from financial analysts Numis Securities says that the collapse in house prices is not ‘anywhere near over’. […]

Motorist pulled over and quizzed… for LAUGHING at the wheel

If this was an exception you might laugh about it because it is too bizarre but it isn’t. When Gary Sanders was pulled over by police he was sure he had done nothing wrong. The company director was obeying the speed limit and not driving dangerously. But to his astonishment he was told he had […]

New World Order alert: Brown: World needs ‘global New Deal’

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) — The world needs a “global New Deal” to haul it out of the economic crisis it faces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom said Sunday. Gordon Brown addresses a press conference following a G20 preparatory meeting in Berlin, Sunday. “We need a global New Deal — a grand bargain […]

Britain faces summer of rage – police

Ladies and gentlemen that is you and me. Nice middle-class citizens no known for their aggressive ways all of a sudden coming out of their nice middle class houses to riot in the street. You think this will only happen in the UK? Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets Paul […]

David Miliband: Nato troops stuck in an Afghanistan ‘stalemate’

Britain and her Nato allies in Afghanistan are stuck in a stalemate with the Taleban, David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, admitted yesterday. His pessimistic view of military progress in Afghanistan coincided with a new poll of Afghans which reveals that confidence in the future is significantly lower than it was three years ago. The poll […]

Judges’ fury as U.S. threatens to withdraw terror intelligence in row over Briton ‘tortured’ in Guantanamo

Judges have made an extraordinary attack on the Barack Obama administration for continuing threats to withhold vital terrorism intelligence from Britain in a row over torture. The High Court revealed today that the US had threatened to review its special intelligence-sharing relationship with the UK if documents relating to the alleged torture of a British […]

Financial crisis: pound falls most in 15 years in wake of B&B nationalisation

Within hours of trading opening in London, sterling was down almost four cents against the greenback to $1.8036 – the biggest intraday decline in 15 years. The news that the Government has taken ownership of the UK’s biggest buy-to-let lender also left banking shares reeling, with HBOS down 8pc, Barclays and Lloyds TSB 7pc lower, […]

Taxpayers run risk of a £1 trillion burden

By Sean O’Grady, Economics Editor, and Nick Clark Monday, 29 September 2008 Related Articles The nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley is set to push the combined burden of public sector debt and exposure to the housing market resting on the shoulders of the UK taxpayer to almost £1 trillion. At around 65 per cent of […]

Breaking the silence

While most Kiwi’s still think that we are in Afghanistan to “help” the Afghans John Pilger’s documentary shows us I hope there is a very special place in hell for the likes of Bush, Cheney, Blair, Cristol. While Pilger in this documentary does not deal with the actual attacks on 911 it is clear that […]

Report: British to boost troops in Afghanistan

LONDON: Britain will send an additional 4,500 troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, a newspaper reported Sunday. The British military dismissed the report as speculation. The News of The World cited an unidentified military source as saying those troops would be sent to Afghanistan once soldiers began returning from Iraq — where a major reduction […]

Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

The alarming documentary, Zero: An Investigation into 9/11(on tour in selected cinemas from Saturday in the UK), casts a sour eye on the official version shrouding the decimation of the Twin Towers and the attack on the Pentagon. The Italian production company Telemaco has collated testimony which suggests that officials are lying about the events […]

U.S., U.K. hinder UN resolution on S. Ossetia – Russia

18/08/2008 21:15 MOSCOW, August 18 (RIA Novosti) – The United States and Britain are hindering work on a UN Security Council resolution on South Ossetia, whitewashing Georgia’s role and ignoring the need for talks on the status of its breakaway republics, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Monday. “This work is being obstructed by the U.S. and […]