Are You A Belligerent Journalist of Unprivileged Persuasion?

The Pentagon has released an 1.176 page manual on what is OK to do to other people and how to rate them in “the do they deserve to live or not” game! It turns out that as a journalist you don’t rate very high. That is if you dare to be belligerent of course. No […]

Of Course Our Government Is Spying And It Will Only Get Worse!

Rule no 1: If the people give a government the tools to spy on one part of the populations, no matter what reason, you give them the tools to spy on everyone! Rule no 2: If the people give them the unlimited sercet tools to spy on people they tell you to be scared of, […]

Civil Disobedience Is Not OUR Problem, Civil Obedience is!

I have been racking my brain about whether to vote in the next election or not and here is why: If like me you think that non of our leaders really address issues that are important to us such as money creation, international treaties that threaten the right of this Nation to be self determining […]

They thought they were free or how Tyranny works and commemorating the dead on Anzac day

“The dictatorship, and the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting. It provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway. I do not speak of your ‘little men,’ your baker and so on; I speak of my colleagues and myself, learned men, mind you. […]

Turley: Bush terror memos are ‘very definition of tyranny’

Since the release on Monday of nine previously-secret Bush administration legal memos claiming that the president has the power to ignore the Constitution when fighting terrorism, experts have almost unanimously denounced both their legal reasoning and their conclusions. “These memos provide the very definition of tyranny,” Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann […]

Postponing the election: It’s a joke, or is it?

I so hope I’m wrong but I told friends that there would be no elections in November in the US. Thank heavens for the Internet; it’s put the surprise back in October Surprise. Here is the latest big-picture conspiracy theory, which has been gathering strength on the blogosphere the way a hurricane feeds on Caribbean […]