Why Are Turkey And The US Killing The Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS?

This week while we are all in pain over the death of Cecil the Lion something happened we didn’t read about in our Mainstream media and we should have. Especially since New Zealand soldiers are involved! Obama authorised bombing raids to support ISIS Syrian “rebels” in the last two days while Turkey has started to […]

On Propaganda, Syria And The Persians Some 1700 Years Ago Or How They Want Us To Forget They Called For A Nerve Gas False Flag Attack In January Of This Year!

The propaganda as espoused in the Daily Mail reached fever pitch this weekend. The vote in the commons against another misbegotten criminal war is not stopping the war mongers trying to whip up war sentiments pushing the people towards it if they can’t push their alleged “representatives”.  Here are some examples: While we are not […]


Oh Where To Begin Again?

As some of you may have noticed I have been extremely derelict in my self imposed duty to inform you, my readers of the global political events. This I can assure you was not one of my own doing but sometimes life happens while you are making plans. Coming back to my blog I am […]

The Spoils Of War: Turkey Allows The “Free Syrian Army” To Steal Factories From Civilians

Video footage from November 2012 shows men of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) North Storm Battalion monitoring the transfer of equipment and machinery from Aleppo to Turkey. According to the narrator from the terrorist group, he says that these are trucks and oil excavators that belong to the state of Qatar that are being returned […]


Assad Calls For War, Russian Ships Parked Under The Syrian Coast as US Deploys Patriot Missiles Along the Turkish/Syrian Border

After a lengthy period of absence the Syrian President Assad has come out and called the Syrian people to war against the rebels as it becomes clear that the Syrian revolution has been hijacked by foreign powers. Several hours ago, Syrian president delivered his first public speech in months, addressing the internal military conflict that […]

Assad: We Are at War!

Only this morning it was announced that the SAS was fighting in Syria. Without a declaration of war a United Nation’s vote or even a statement of intend our leaders have started another illegal war of aggression. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared on Tuesday that his country was at war and ordered his new government […]

Catching up on the first week of the New Year 2: Drones

The use of drones is steadily increasing. Here are just a few instances: A US predator drone kills 35 Kurdish civilians in Turkey An Israeli drone is sighted in Turkey. Pilotless helicopter drones will be used to supply remote outposts of the empire. The US is now turning to drones to spy on China Drones […]