Gun Control: The Big Picture

Let me just say that I very much subscribe to the sentiments of Washington’s blog. I grew up in the aftermath of WWII in a gun free country. Not even the police carried guns and I never thought I would ever subscribe to the the right of a man/woman to bear arms. But in a […]

Heinrich Himmler is talking with John Key and signing declarations of intend about international cooperation

Heinrich Himmler was the secretary of homeland security in Nazi Germany during the last and most brutal years of the Nazi third Reich. Under his supervision millions of people were disappeared, tortured and murdered and he was responsible for a large part of the Holocaust. He died of a poison suicide at the end of […]

Toddler terrorists what is next?

A three year old American kid with a broken leg in a wheelchair is now a legitimate target for the TSA and their groping minions. What gets me is that this guy actually thinks it is OK to grope a kid and the father while filming the incident to spread around no doubt forsakes his […]