One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

(Update, the next couple of weeks never happened and I did not write nearly as much about this as I intended but I thought it would be good to repost this post originally written and posted in November 2009)   In the next couple of weeks  with the help of this map I will uncover […]

On Larry Summers, The End Game Memo And Derivatives Or Why We Have $ 112 Billion Of Crap On Our Books

When John “I don’t Need No Stinking Advice” Key became our Prime Minister he had but one job. To destroy the Financial independence of New Zealand such as it was and make us totally dependent on the Transnational Financial Class. How did he go about it? He loaded up every council and our National financial […]

‘Sanctions won’t hinder Iran-China trade’

China has once again condemned the United States’ unilateral sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying the US is seeking to internationalize its unilateral sanctions. On Saturday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says Beijing will maintain its normal cooperation with Tehran in the areas of energy and trade. The Chinese Foreign Ministry made the […]

Lucas Papademos, Mario Monti….. John Key?

In Greece Lucas Papademos a banker aligned with the international ruling elite has taken over in Greece in what can only be described as an undemocratic coup and the same has happened (As I called it last week) in Italy with the appointment of Mario Monti who appears to be an active international advisor to […]

So who did John Key meet in the US ? no:2 Timothy Geithner

When John key went to America two weeks ago he met a lot of people. We don’t know all of them and I’m pretty sure they won’t send me his itinerary but if someone out there has it I would love to have a peek. One of the people he did meet other then Ben […]