Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9/11 Will End The Wars.

More than 70% of Americans believe their government lied about 9/11. They stopped the polling because it became clear that that number was growing. Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist who in September started to investigate the events that changed our lives and to this day is a festering wound causing millions of people mostly […]


Are You Afraid Yet? You should be!

50.000 people demonstrated against the austerity measures in the UK (while 3 kitchen Kate tears out kitchens priced at about twice an average annual income from her new palaces renovated and paid for by the tax payer) right in front of the BBC headquarters. The mayor of London bought three water cannons and the chief […]

9/11, Zionism, Christmas, And Why We Will Never Forget And We Will Never Give Up

On Christmas morning the world used to recede. Nothing was that urgent, that dangerous, that important that it couldn’t wait until after the two days allocated to world peace every year but this year we are dancing on the edge of the volcano, we are experiencing the calm before the storm as Europe collapses before […]

European Airspace To Be Opened To Drones

Obama has mandated the fact that the American Airspace has to be opened to drones by 2015. The fact is they already operate in the US. Now according to Drones UK an obscure document shows that Europe will follow suit in 2016. This means that unmanned aerial vehicles will patrol the skies of Europe with […]

US opens skies for drones, all 30.000 of them

A bill passed in by Congress this week paves the way for the use of surveillance drones in US skies. The FAA predicts that by 2020 there could be up to 30,000 drones in operation. Once signed by president Obama, the FAA Reauthorization Act allows for the FAA to permit the use of drones and […]

Obama Signs Homeland Battlefield Bill Into Law

Sweet Jesus!!! President Obama today signed the highly controversial Defense Spending Bill. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with its so-called Homeland Battlefield provisions, allows, according to many legal scholars, the indefinite detention of US citizens by the US military. What is most striking is a lengthy signing statement by Obama, in which he maintains […]

Why am I not surprised: Trains were to be attacked on 9/11 2011

Osama is dead. Long live Osama because thanks to our intrepid American Seals who got the computers on which Osama bin Laden planned all his fiendish attacks and we have found, just in time I might add, that on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 2011 the American train system  would have been destroyed. So prepare […]

Open letter to a friend: In the end you remember not what your enemies said but the silence of your friends.

Dear friend, Martin Luther King was the one who spoke the words above and I reckon he was entitled to say them as he spoke out time time and again with or without his friends standing by him against injustice. I imagine he was alone a lot of the times as he did and while […]

So what happened while I was a way on holiday 3: Are you ready to get naked… to fight terrorism?

In the aftermath of us finding out that we should not have attacked Afghanistan but Yemen as the spiritual leader of the 9/11 hijackers wasn’t Osama bin Laden but a Yemeni cleric called Anwar al-Awlaki and it was he who send a young Nigerian to explode a plane over Detroit making it perfectly OK for […]

Jakarta: the hunt begins

Hmm. An Australian think-tank, the Strategic Policy Institute, had warned that the Southeast Asian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah might launch new attacks just a day before Friday’s deadly strike. Investigators began the task of identifying two suicide bombers who attacked American luxury hotels in Indonesia’s capital. Two bombs killed eight people, including expat New Zealand […]

Police Terror Stops Occur Every Three Minutes In London

Some 10 years ago I and my husband visited London. We were staying with friends and we decided to take a sight seeing trip in the evening. We drove our old 2CV to the city and parked close to the St. Pauls cathedral which like many of the most beautiful buildings throughout Europe was lit […]

Depopulation, Destruction and Displacement of the Palestinian People

For Palestinians, the Nakba “Catastrophe” is their “Holocaust” six-month slaughter and displacement before and after the May 1948 establishment of Israel. In December 1947, Jews in Palestine numbered 600,000 compared to 1.3 million Palestinians. David Ben-Gurion ordered them removed and for “Every attack….to end with occupation, destruction and expulsion.” He meant depopulation, destruction, mass slaughter, […]

White House: Increase in terror attacks since 9/11 a success

So are we saver since the US started it’s war on Terror after 911? Hmm. One of the many sad ironies of the Bush era that is rapidly and mercifully drawing to a close is that after the president created a “central front in the war on terror” by invading Iraq, the amount of “terrorism” […]

Footage shows ‘settler attack’ on Palestinians

Amazing, a mainstream news paper can’t get around the news that Jewish settlers are terrorising Palestinians and the  only photo they can come up with is a young stone throwing Palestinian. The story is about abuse by Jewish settlers against Palestinians. They even have video of it so they could have used a still from […]

First responders and NY citizens dying of pulverizes concrete in their lungs.

When the world watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed into dust, I knew that the world had not seen the last victims of the attacks of 9/11. At the time I was a model maker, and I always wore protective masks to protect my lungs from the chemicals I worked with and from the […]