Follow The Money Or Why We Should Arrest People Like John Key And His Banking Mates

Probably, most people, when reading about the Panama tax dodgers and New Zealand’s quiet achievement in becoming as “tax” haven, wonder how the rich always getaway with shit like this and kind of wished they were in the same predicament: Filthy rich and hiding their money from the tax people. The next thought is probably […]

10 Years Of Blogging. What A Journey It Was And Still Is!

11:22 exactly 10 years ago I registered my first blog with I called it All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army. It is the day I took the red pill. What a journey it has been and wow, it isn’t stopping! That first blog is still online for those […]

John Key is relaxed about the IMF warning!!!

John Key is not too worried about the IMF warning they issued earlier this week.  So what is it he knows what we don’t! Could it have something to do with the meetings John Key had with both Timothy Geitner and Ben Bernanke in his July visit to the US? Let’s remember John Key is […]