Why Is The Leader Of The US Republicans Meeting With The Galiph Of ISIS?

While John Key is preparing to send Kiwi soldiers to Iraq and Syria you might be interested to find who the leader of the US was meeting with not so long ago. A Twitter storm is taking the world at the moment as two photos of John McCain meeting with so called Syrian freedom fighters […]


Will Kiwi’s Die For A Country Not Willing To Defend Itself?

“What can we make of a country which refuses to fight for itself, and at the same time, expects foreign countries to pull its chestnuts out of the fire? The reasons may lie in the historical genesis of modern Ukraine, which is a nation called into being during World War I, not by a popular […]


And The Winner Is: Goldman Sachs Or Why I won’t Waste Any Time On The US Elections

Already huge numbers of complaints about voter fraud are beginning to pour in as the US population goes through the puppet show they call the elections. Obama shed a tear and Anne (for those of you who don’t know that is Romney’s wife) had a bit of a breakdown too. It all amounts to nothing […]

Is Assange a Soros and CIA asset?

Two days ago 70 websites were closed down by the department of Justice. No judge, no jury and no court hearing. Their argument? They allowed torrent downloads. So if it is so easy to close down websites why is Wikileaks still up and running? The Pentagon has a whole department dedicated to being able to […]