On Malala, The Taliban and Bamiyan Province Or Why We Won’t Leave Afghanistan Anytime Soon

Just in case you’re wondering, John Key has absolutely no plans to leave Afghanistan. Why not? Because his masters don’t want him too. How do I know? Here are a few MSM hints. Malala, the schoolgirl allegedly shot for liking Obama and wanting to go to school keeps making the rounds in a series of […]

We beat the Taliban? 8 Jets destroyed tell me otherwise!

On the first of October 2010 Marine Maj. Gen. Richard Mills proudly announced that the Western troops had beaten the “Taliban” in Helmand province. Today we know better. Not only have the Western troops decided no longer to train locals to form their own police and army because the damn ungrateful bastards keep shooting at […]

11 Years of War and The Enemy Can Still Chase The Top General Out of the Country or How The War In Afghanistan Is Lost

What do you call a war of 11 years when the “enemy” can still chase the top general out of the country with one bomb. I would call it lost. In Afghanistan on the 21th of August the top dog had to flee the country on another plane than the one he arrived in from […]

We Can Kill Them Because You Don’t Spend Loads Of Money On Weapons

We are proud members of NATO so we are now supposed to spend tons of money on weapons to keep the military industrial complex happy! Just in case you don’t want to here is what the Taliban has to say about it in our main stream media. We now it seems have “authenticated” telephone conversations […]

Taliban will rule Afghanistan again, says leaked US military report

Duh! Classified document is said to warn that Pakistan is plotting to help reinstall Taliban once Nato-led forces depart The Taliban have secured Pakistan’s support for a return to power in Afghanistan as well as toning down their severe brand of Islamism, according to reports citing a leaked US military assessment. Photograph: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad The […]

The CIA, the Taliban and more madness in Afghanistan

We are supporting a corrupt president who only won the “election” because his opponent withdrew. He withdrew from a second election because the same system of election was used that got Karzai elected in the first place was corrupt. We are fighting in Afghanistan to fight “them” over there so we don’t have to fight […]

Taliban increases in strength

9 years ago the coalition of the killing willing ousted the Taliban with a mere 10.000 troops. Today more than 65.000 foreign troops are stationed in Afghanistan there are even more than that in Mercenary numbers and still most of the Country is under Taliban control. Does that sound like “we ” won the war […]

8 US soldiers die in militant attack on outposts in remote eastern Afghanistan

“Soldiers Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals…to be used” as pawns of foreign policy. Henry Kissinger. Before anybody gets their knickers in a twist and thinks that this is my opinion I would like to state unequivocally that I abhor Henry Kissinger and think that he is one of the biggest war criminals of all times. […]

Losing Ground: Taliban Cover 97% of Afghanistan: Report

Ooh oops, the coalition oft he killing willing is losing in Afghanistan. It seems the Afghani’s want their country for themselves and the Taliban is in control of over 80% of the country and active in all but 3% and attacks and deaths are mounting. And we are going to send SAS troops into that […]

Is New Zeland getting involved in the illegal and undeclared war in Pakistan?

With the header that “ NZ agents join secret war in Afghanistan” New Zealands involvement with the oil wars has reached a new low. While it is becoming abundantly clear that the coalition of the willing supported president Karzai has engaged in election fraud on  a massive scale and the MoD of the UK has […]

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Up until quite recently, most experts thought that drug money accounted for the bulk of Taliban funding. But even here opinion was divided on actual amounts. Some reports gauged the total annual income at about $100 million, while others placed the figure as high as $300 million — still a small fraction of the $4 […]

Secret map reveals Taliban threat to Afghan authority

With the news that three “special forces” members of a newly formed Assassin “special” group were killed in the news this morning in the UK it is becoming increasingly clear that the honest and righteous war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly more lurid and oppressive to the Afghan population. Why? Because the Western alliance is […]

Taliban will let guns do their talking

KARACHI – Amid a growing furor in Britain over the deaths in the past few days of eight British servicemen in Afghanistan, the initiative to seek dialogue with the Taliban at the highest level of their leadership is gaining pace. Taliban leader Mullah Omar is now the focus of attention, with the Pakistan military reportedly […]

Whistleblower Who Linked “Taliban” Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated

A whistleblower who defected from the Pakistani Taliban has been assassinated just days after he claimed that the group was working with US intelligence to destabilize the country. Qari Zainuddin, a tribal leader of the South Waziristan region in Pakistan was shot dead on Tuesday by a gunman said to be loyal to Pakistani Taliban […]

The Taliban’s Roads to Kabul

While our happily Smiling Assassin is mulling the US request for SAS troops in Afghanistan it might pay to realise that the Taliban are part of a 30 million strong Pashtun population and that there are only between 30.000 and 60.000 (Full surge numbers) Foreign troops in Afghanistan. Not good odds ladies and gentlemen, not […]

Briefing: Who are the Taliban?

Kabul, Afghanistan – As the Obama administration ramps up focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan, insurgents from both countries have teamed up to confront the rising US troop presence. While the insurgents often get labeled as the “Taliban,” in reality there are several groups fighting the Afghan government and Western forces, and they often act independently […]

US Blames Afghan Weather for Taliban Success?

Considering 2008 was the most violent year in Afghanistan since the 2001 American invasion and predictions that 2009 would be even worse, it hardly seems a shock that the winter of 2008-09 has been quite a bit more violent than normal. Yet Colonel Pete Johnson gave reporters an interesting reason for why its been a […]

Sufi Shrine ‘blown up by Taleban’

First the terrorist attack in Mumbai, then the attack on the Cricket team and now a sufi shrine blown up. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that “the Taliban” get’s away with an aweful lot even thoug CIA presence in Pakistan is at an all time high? Neh, the US government is honest and hardworking […]

Schock doctrine alert: NZer arrested at ‘al Qaeda stronghold’

Western countries are worried that some of their citizens, in particular young men of Pakistani descent, who support the militant cause might travel to northwest Pakistan for militant training and to plot violence. Yesterday, I reported that the Age a Australian Fairfax owned online newspaper mentioned in  September 2008 that Jihadist websites called upon Australian […]

America ’s road to Kabul goes through Moscow

We will be asked to extend the duration of our commitment in Afghanistan and we will be pressured to commit more troops to the quagmire that is Afghanistan. We will like in Vietnam era receive home our troops as damaged goods but this time it will be worse. This time our troops will come home […]

Kabul welcomes extra US troops, Taliban warns of cruel defeat

The total number of troops in Afghanistan is about 30.000. The total population of Afghanistan is about 30 million and the population wants the troops out. So putting another 30.000 in harms way is not going to help the situation any. The Taliban rules out side of Kabul. They will simply melt away for a […]

The Psychology Of The Taliban

Just to give you an idea of how powerful the Taliban is in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. ——————————– By Adeel Malik December 08, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse” — Just today, the Taliban have struck in the heart of NWFP (North West Frontier Province), inside Peshawar and set fire to 62 containers and other 100 vehicles that […]

Robert Fisk: Once more fear stalks the streets of Kandahar

After seven years of war, genocide and DU this is where Afghanistan is now almost back to where we started from. New Zealand, I ask of you are you proud to be part of this? Five years after his last visit, our correspondent finds the Taliban back in charge of their spiritual home – and […]

Some Afghans live under Taliban rule – and prefer it

Why were we in Afghanistan again? Porak, Afghanistan – After a gang of thieves had continually terrorised an Afghan neighbourhood near here months ago, locals decided they’d had enough. “We complained several times to the government and even showed them where the thieves lived,” says Ahmad, who goes by one name. But the bandits continued […]

Taliban denies role in hotel attack

Another al Qaeda attack? i don’t think so. A senior commander of the Taliban in Pakistan has denied that his group was responsible for a bomb attack at Islamabad’s Marriott hotel, in which at least 53 people died and 270 were injured. Baitullah Mehsud said on Monday that the Taliban had no role in Saturday’s […]

460 militants, 22 troops killed near Afghan border: Pakistan

And the genocide goes on. PESHAWAR: Pakistan’s interior ministry chief said on Friday that over 460 Islamic militants and 22 soldiers have been killed in more than a week of fighting in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan. More than 3,000 armed militants, most of them foreigners, are taking part in the clashes in the troubled […]

‘. . . I will kill Canadians’

I quess that is how we make more “Taliban” in Afghanistan. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – The father of two children accidentally killed by Canadian soldiers says he wants revenge. “If I get a chance, I will kill Canadians,” Rozi Muhammed said Thursday. It’s not clear if Muhammed is serious or merely venting his anger. His threat […]

Taliban commander: Afghan officials are helping kill Americans

Again something you will never find in the New Zealand mainstream press By Carol Grisanti, NBC News Producer, Pakistan A prominent Taliban commander boasted to NBC News in an interview that Afghan officials are aiding his forces in fighting U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan. In the interview, wanted Taliban commander Sirajuddin Haqqani said that […]

Let’s Speak the Truth About Afghanistan

NEW YORK — During his triumphant European tour, Senator Barack Obama again urged NATO’s members to send more troops to Afghanistan and called the conflict there, “the central front in the war on terror.” Europe’s response ranged from polite evasion to downright frosty. It is unfortunate that Obama has adopted President George Bush’s misleading terminology, […]