30.000 new troops and that’s only the US, the propaganda machine in the UK is in full swing and how many do we have to sacrifice

“Soldiers Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals…to be used” as pawns of foreign policy. Henry Kissinger Obama elected by the US population because he promised the end of the wars has just committed 30.000 more poor saps to the meat grinder in Afghanistan but he promises them something to look forward to; in 2012 he will […]

Taliban Rockets Hit Afghan Capital

At the end of WWII, when the allied forces and the Soviets were approaching Berlin (the German Capital), the German population was told on the radio that the heroic German troops (By than a bedraggled army of exhausted males and child and old age pensioners were winning). Of course they won closer and closer to […]

Defense secretary to add up to 22,000 troops to U.S. Army

Isn’t getting to be soo predictable? WASHINGTON (CNN) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Monday that he plans to increase the size of the U.S. Army by up to 22,000 troops. Gates said at a Pentagon news conference that the goal of the increase is to ease the strain of deployment, as many troops have […]

The Taliban’s Roads to Kabul

While our happily Smiling Assassin is mulling the US request for SAS troops in Afghanistan it might pay to realise that the Taliban are part of a 30 million strong Pashtun population and that there are only between 30.000 and 60.000 (Full surge numbers) Foreign troops in Afghanistan. Not good odds ladies and gentlemen, not […]

Briefing: Who are the Taliban?

Kabul, Afghanistan – As the Obama administration ramps up focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan, insurgents from both countries have teamed up to confront the rising US troop presence. While the insurgents often get labeled as the “Taliban,” in reality there are several groups fighting the Afghan government and Western forces, and they often act independently […]

Up to 20,000 marines bound for Afghanistan

What was that change Obama promised us? Well it wasn’t the end of their misbegotten genocidal wars it appears. Up to 20,000 US Marines could be deployed in Afghanistan as part of a planned major troop build-up to battle worsening insurgent violence, the top marine officer said. Marine Corps Commandant General James Conway said any […]

US wants 30.000 more troops in Afghanistan

Afghans explain how mounting civilian casualties are aiding Taliban recruiting. “We were walking, I was holding my grandson’s hand, then there was a loud noise and everything went white. When I opened my eyes, everybody was screaming. I was lying metres from where I had been, I was still holding my grandson’s hand but the […]

Troop surge to break Afghan ‘stalemate’

The war is lost but don’t tell the generals, they are having too much fun killing Afghans. British forces in southern Afghanistan are locked in a “stalemate” with Taliban insurgents and they need tens of thousands of reinforcements to win, the American commander of Nato forces in the country said yesterday. The extra troops would […]

Pentagon preparing for Afghan surge

The Taliban rule in every corner of Afghanistan except Kabul. In other words the “Coalition of the willing killing” has lost the war. The surge will not work and will only help to unite the Taliban and the rural war lords. Nobody and I mean nobody has ever won a war in Afghanistan other than […]

U.S. ‘surge’ in Iraq ends; 150,000 troops remain

WASHINGTON – The military surge into Iraq that began more than 18 months ago has ended. But 150,000 U.S. troops remain, as many as 15,000 more than before the buildup began. In recent days, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade, the last of the five additional combat brigades sent in by President Bush last year, […]