Greece Responds To Troika Deal With Immediate Two Day Strike, Threatens With “Social Uprising”

And they are pissed off! Protesters march towards the Greek parliament during a 24-hours general strike in Athens on February 7, 2012. Thu Feb 9, 2012 11:22AM GMT LAST UPDATE Greece’s two largest unions have announced a 48-hour strike over the new austerity measures endorsed by the government in return for bailout loans. The unions, […]

The warf, the strike and the unions; my two cents

I am usually not very inclined to speak out on New Zealand matters such as these simply because I’m a newbie in this country and while I spend a huge amount of time researching finance and John Key and his connection to it and as such feel I have enough authority to speak in the […]

Canadian Workers Demand Immediate End to War in Afghanistan

On 29 May 2009, the delegates at the national convention of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), representing more than three million workers from every region of Canada and Quebec, voted overwhelmingly to demand that the Government of Canada immediately end its participation in the illegal war in Afghanistan. This CLC demand represents a significant consolidation […]

Union’s War Protest Shuts West Coast Ports

SEATTLE — West Coast ports were shut down on Thursday as thousands of longshoremen failed to report for work, part of what their union leaders said was a one-day, one-shift protest against the war in Iraq. Cranes and forklifts stood still from Seattle to San Diego, and ships were stalled at sea as workers held […]

Bunnings workers strike over $6 trans-Tasman wage gap

Hundreds of Bunnings Warehouse employees around the country will stop work for two hours today over a $6 an hour pay gap with their Australian counterparts. Workers from several of the Auckland hardware stores will hold a rally at the company’s Mt Wellington head office while Wellington workers will meet Green MP Sue Bradford at […]