Skull and Bones Guy John Kerry Is the New Secretary Of State Or Why You should Be Really Worried About WWIII

The US Senate has overwhelmingly confirmed President Barack Obama’s choice of five-term senator John Kerry to be secretary of state, with Republicans and Democrats praising him as the ideal successor to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The vote Tuesday was 94-3. One senator – Kerry – voted present and accepted congratulations from colleagues on the Senate floor. […]

Are Geronimo’s skull and bones being auctioned off by the Skull and Bones society?

The family of the famous Apache “insurgent) Geronimo is after the Skull and Bones society to get the Skull and Bones from their famous ancestor back and lo and behold all of a sudden They want to get rid of a Skull and Bones set which served apparently as a voting box in the society […]

Sometimes it gets on top of me: New World Order

Obama, New Boss same as the Old Boss Part 1: Sibelius Obama, New Boss same as the Old Boss Part 2: Brzezinski’s Fear: Class Warfare and Destruction of the New World Order Great Grandson sues Yale Secret ‘Skull and Bones’ Society to Return Geronimo’s Skull Trouble at Treasury: Geithner gets the keys to the henhouse. […]