More trouble for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs as the Facebook scam unravels.

For those of you who bought into the hype around Facebook going public I have only to say one word: Bubble! That is what banks do and that is what they have done again and after the dotcom bubble collapse the housing bubble you should have known better.

Finally they’re getting it. John Key and his ministers are openly lying scumbags!

Wow! Today an article appeared on and it was remarkably candid for a MSM article. It was called: this Government is brazenly deceitful And a good read it is too except of course to call them deceitful is an understatement. They are openly looting and breaking the law and knowing they can get away […]

Acquiring Merrill Lynch: the Lure of Liar’s Loans

Merrill Lynch is the quintessential example of why it was common for the investment banks to hold in portfolio large amounts of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).  Some observers have jumped to the naïve assumption that this indicates that the senior managers thought the CDOs were safe investments.  The “recipe” for an investor maximizing reported income […]

10 Reasons Bank of America Is the Most Hated Bank in America

The Bank of America, the bank in which John Key has millions worth of shares, plays a big role in the destabilisation of the entire global banking system. It is considered to be one of the too big to fail banks and as such received billions of Bail out money in 2008. It also bought […]

Key cops a battering over share revelations

Labour today poured scorn on National leader John Key over his handling of his Tranz Rail shareholdings. Mr Key has admitted he should have disclosed the full extent of his shareholding earlier, but has denied using his parliamentary position for personal profit. He fronted media today after Finance Minister Michael Cullen yesterday accused him of […]

Key: I’m a victim of a smear campaign

No John, getting caught lying and making a bundle because you did not divulge a conflict of interest is your opponents doing their home work. Lying is the issue here not the process of exposing them. What do you expect, Labour going to go into this election and not using your own dishonesty to gain […]