Internet copyright law delayed

Well worth breaking the blackout for I thought. Yes, well done. I’m sure they’ll try and weasel it through some other way but at least this proves that vigilance pays and that we have to stay alert. A controversial copyright law covering the internet will be delayed to see if the sector can make it […]

If the Section 92 get’s through you couldn’t show this anymore

I found this incredibly cute picture on this site. If section 92 gets through you couldn’t show this any more and by the way the site where this came from could not exist any more but more to the point why would anyone bother? Right, they would not bother with that site but they would […]

If you want to be able to read this blog in the future protest Section 92.

It is easier for ISPs, Internet Service Providers, to cut off anyone who might be breaking the law – Judith Tizard (previous Labour MPs) in a bFM interview Of course this is not the only thing Section 92 is good for. If you don’t like the snippets of news linking to a site and the […]

Govt rejects calls to alter internet law

Ok one more. This means that only the ones the ruling elite deems damaging will be closed down. There is no independent body who will investigate complaints. And if you think that those telecom and other ISP who now do their bit complaining are not complicit think again. They are happily complicit in the spying […]