Your Government Word Of The Day: Surplus

The government makes a budget every year and if they manage to stay within that budget they call it a surplus. If they decide that in the year to come to will spend $ 200 billion and they spend only $ 195.586 billion they have a surplus of $ 414 million.

On Power Outages and Privatisation. Remember Enron?

Back in 2011, the risk of fire at substations such as Penrose was identified as possibly leading to a “high-impact failure”. New Zealand Herald Bomber Bradbury asks on his blog the Daily Blog why Aucklanders have to pay for their powergrid upgrades? He does so because John Key promised us that privatisation would make for […]

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged

Remember those $112 Billion in derivatives on the NZ balance sheets I talked about a year or so ago?   Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has now joined a chorus […]


On Margin Calls, Naked Shorts And Other Bankster Lingo: The Latest Moves In Gold Explained

Let me start this post by issuing a warning. This post is not an advice on what you should do with your money or banking deposits. I don’t know enough to be an adviser nor do I have the dosh or the gold to issue any but if I was or if I had I […]

36 Bankers Facing Charges As LIBOR Scam Implodes

As the fallout of Liborgate escalates, the next big bank to be impacted in the fallout started by Barclays civil settlement “revelation” is set to be troubled UBS, already some 10,000 bankers lighter, where as many as three dozen bankers are reported by the implicated in the fixing of the rate that until 2009 was […]

Barclays traders are damned by their own emails which reveal how they bragged about rigging energy prices to make profits

Echo’s of Enron! Emails and phone messages between foul-mouthed Barclays traders in New York reveal how they bragged about rigging energy prices in America to make huge profits. Critics yesterday said the expletive-ridden correspondence provides further evidence of the ‘rotten culture of casino banking’ that built up under disgraced former boss Bob Diamond. The bank […]

The Biggest Financial Scam In World History or Why You Should Be Furious!

Bugger, running out of time today! Here is some nice stuff from Washington blog about why you should be furious! There have been numerous big banking scandals recently. But the Libor scandal is the biggest financial scam in world history.  See this and this. The former CEO of Barclays said today that banks across the […]

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

Matt Taibbi, always a great read. Someday, it will go down in history as the first trial of the modern American mafia. Of course, you won’t hear the recent financial corruption case, United States of America v. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm, called anything like that. If you heard about it at all, you’re probably either […]

More trouble for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs as the Facebook scam unravels.

For those of you who bought into the hype around Facebook going public I have only to say one word: Bubble! That is what banks do and that is what they have done again and after the dotcom bubble collapse the housing bubble you should have known better.

G Edward Griffin, the Federal Reserve and John Key or how time flies

I told him that we had an Ex Wall street banker running for Prime Minister which worried me greatly and he said “I would be too”. I asked what he thought would happen if he was elected and he answered, “He will sell your country down the drain and throw in his mother with the deal!”

Hank Paulson’s inside jobs

  If there was any justice Hank Paulson former secretary of the treasury would be one of those who should be given to the people of America handcuffed and unable to resist what they wanted to mete  out to the scamming bankster class and if there was anything left of him I’m sure the Greek […]

On tapes, secret scumbaggery and why John Key should have known better!

It’s Nov. 2, 1993, and two employees of Bankers Trust Co. are discussing a leveraged derivative deal the bank had recently sold to Proctor & Gamble Co. “They would never know. They would never be able to know how much money was taken out of that,” says one employee, referring to the huge profits the […]

Today a Global Climate Change Special or how to rip of the world some more by the GLobal banksters

No wonder John Key doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near the Copenhagen CC conference. He would be the only known bankster there and likely to be strung up by the highest CO2 absorbing tree when they would all start to put two and two together. So today I thought I’d bring some CCCC  truth […]

Wall street versus Main street.

Our PM, John Key is a ex banker. His career at Merrill Lynch was both as the global head of the Foreign Exchange department and the European head of the Bonds and Derivatives trade. In other words he was running the parasitical scam that is the Derivatives trade for Merril Lynch. He made $ 50 […]

A Program of Financial Concentration: Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

While the scamsters at the top of AIG pay themselves bonusses it pays  to remember that the amount of money they paid themselves is just mere fraction of the amount they received. The lump sum of the bail out goes to the banksters who insured their dodgy bets with AIG. yep you got it in […]

The Federal Reserve is a Private Financial Institution

Below are excerpts from a court case proving the Federal Reserve system’s status. As you will see, the court ruled that the Federal Reserve Banks are “independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations”, and there is not sufficient “federal government control over ‘detailed physical performance’ and ‘day to day operation’” of the Federal Reserve Bank […]

How the Masters of the Universe are murdering the middle class by gambling on black gold

I wonder what John Key is doing with his money at the moment? He did say that he lost some on the collapse of another speculative bubble the sub prime mortgage hype. Which has people all over the US now living in tent cities: By Dan Atkinson Last updated at 11:21 AM on 01st June […]

I feared fallout if I warned on Blue Chip, says ex-minister

Well, the NZ Herald couldn’t quit get from under this one, but they manage to avoid having to say that John Luxton was the commerce minister for the National party so who did he feel the fall out for? His National mates of course. So rather than warning the poor saps who bought the scam […]