NZ Herald Military Specialist Confirms: NZ Troops Sitting Ducks In Iraq, While John Key Takes Shirtless Selfies!!!

Dr Ron Smith, University of Waikato research associate, is now questioning his earlier support for the Kiwi deployment. “Knowing what I know now, do I think it was a good idea to go? No I don’t.” It was important New Zealand supported its longstanding allies but the deployment was “almost in the nature of gesture […]

Is The SAS Already Deployed?

I had the opportunity to speak for the Kaumatua of a Marae about the subject of the TPPA recently. We talked about that and the military connection. That being John Key signing a brand spanking new partnership in June 2012 with NATO.  With that on the table we also talked about John Key pondering the […]

John Key Can’t Rule Out SAS Against ISIS!

It would be his least preferred option (Why?) but he can’t rule out SAS. That basically means he will send SAS personnel but he won’t tell us. Just like Helen Clark 10 years ago. ——————————————————————– Prime Minister John Key won’t rule out sending New Zealand’s elite SAS personnel to assist US efforts to counter Islamic […]


War Pimp Alert: Russian Jets Breaching NATO Airspace.

This morning while catching up on the 100 or so news publications I go through every morning a headline in a Dutch paper caught my eye. (English link here) It said that Dutch F-16s had scrambled to intercept two Russian Jets who flew into their airspace without identifying themselves. Woa, WTF? Is this Russian intimidation […]

A New SAS training Facility: Can You say Haliburton, Mercenaries and the First US Bases in 2015 South Of Auckland?

It was announced to day on the NZ News that there is to be a new SAS training facility South of Auckland. The SAS which has no scheduled deployments except revenge attacks on villagers who may or may not have been involved in rebel activities against foreigners in their country seems to need a brand […]

More Muslims bad, White guys good or are you ready for more war?

  While we are inexorably moving towards war with Syria and Iran we are deluged daily in the MSM that Muslims are üntermenschen and the white guys are the good guys and totally justified to swoop on, kill, maim and torture those horrible little brown people in their own countries. Just so long as they […]

SAS troops: Were they or weren’t they involved in the battle around Kabul

Yesterday John Key told us that SAS troops were not involved in the battle that raged for several hours around Kabul after the US made the presence of the SAS troops known. This was however contradicted with photo’s of the troops after they had been allegedly involved. So what is it and why the secrecy?

Fraudulent Afghan Election Raises Odds Against U.S. “Success”

So if the Taliban were not involved in 9/11 and al Qaeda is now “spread” all over the Muslim word then why did we send New Zealand’s finest to prop up a corrupt government? The fraudulent Afghan election of last August 20th has delayed the possibility of a new regime taking over promptly to replace […]

The SAS troops are now training the Afghan police. Great.

Major Henneke’s battalion lost two soldiers, with three wounded, late on Friday when an Afghan policeman opened fire on his American colleagues during a joint operation to clear the Taleban from villages around the Nerkh valley. US and Afghan investigators are trying to determine whether the policeman was a covert member of the Taleban or […]

Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets

Funny how this article starts with the same quote I used in my previous post. Vietnam was a chemical war for oil, permanently contaminating large regions and countries downriver with Agent Orange, and environmentally the most devastating war in world history. But since 1991, the U.S. has staged four nuclear wars using depleted uranium weaponry, […]

8 US soldiers die in militant attack on outposts in remote eastern Afghanistan

“Soldiers Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals…to be used” as pawns of foreign policy. Henry Kissinger. Before anybody gets their knickers in a twist and thinks that this is my opinion I would like to state unequivocally that I abhor Henry Kissinger and think that he is one of the biggest war criminals of all times. […]

Is New Zeland getting involved in the illegal and undeclared war in Pakistan?

With the header that “ NZ agents join secret war in Afghanistan” New Zealands involvement with the oil wars has reached a new low. While it is becoming abundantly clear that the coalition of the willing supported president Karzai has engaged in election fraud on  a massive scale and the MoD of the UK has […]

Woher kamen die Prostituierten für die US-Wachleute?

While your average and not so average Kiwi (Iprent, the webmaster of the Standard comes to mind) still thinks that the war in Afghanistan is the “good” war and that we should have a presence there, more and more bad news comes to the surface. The title of this post translates as; Where did the […]

Afghanistan, big business and Profits über Alles!

Every year New Zealand and Australia celebrate Anzac day, a proud celebration of their participation in overseas battles and of all things military. In Holland on the fourth of May we grief for our war dead and on the fifth of May we celebrate our liberation. We don’t celebrate our participation in overseas wars and […]

Ground Zero First Responder John McNamara Dies Of Cancer

Today is the 11th of August. Around the world thousands of people will do what they do every month on this day. They will walk the streets and share DVD’s and flyers with all who’ll take them. These DVD’s and flyers will try to educate people about the events of 911. They will try to […]

John Key, the SAS and fourty years of war.

Eh Voila! That didn’t take long did it. Merely days (can’t let a good crisis go to waste) after some damn darkies in Bali did some terror thingy John Key is going to send the SAS in to help our “allies”. While John Key has been told to is pondering sending SAS special troops to […]

Secret map reveals Taliban threat to Afghan authority

With the news that three “special forces” members of a newly formed Assassin “special” group were killed in the news this morning in the UK it is becoming increasingly clear that the honest and righteous war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly more lurid and oppressive to the Afghan population. Why? Because the Western alliance is […]

Terror raids not reason to return SAS to Afghanistan – Key

But we have to do our bit to stop the spread of Swine flu terror. I mean he makes it sound like a virus doesn’t he? Or perhaps even more like an infection. Yes, that is what terror is. An infection and what do you do. You go to the source of infection and that […]

Just in case you missed it: Breaking the Silence

On what could be the eve of a deeper involvement of the New Zealand SAS that is the Genocide in Afghanistan for those who missed it this John Pilger documentary about the realities of that war. What has become clear over the eight and a half years this war has lasted is that: We did […]

The Taliban’s Roads to Kabul

While our happily Smiling Assassin is mulling the US request for SAS troops in Afghanistan it might pay to realise that the Taliban are part of a 30 million strong Pashtun population and that there are only between 30.000 and 60.000 (Full surge numbers) Foreign troops in Afghanistan. Not good odds ladies and gentlemen, not […]

SAS kills hundreds of terrorists in ‘secret war’ against al-Qaeda in Iraq

See, this worries me: Secret wars, killing people secretly, waterboarding and the naive and automatic presumption of most Kiwi’s that the US and the UK are the good guys. How do we know who these people were? How do we know that they were really guilty of “terrorism” and if they were than why weren’t […]