WWIII Alert: RAF Allowed To Down “Threatening” Russian Jets!

If you want to know how absolutely bonkers our Western leaders are, especially leaders like Cameron and his ilk you only have to look at the news that broke today: RAF fighters stationed in Iraq are ow authorised to shoot down Russian jets they judge to be threatening. This is paramount to declaring war on […]

WWIII, The Next Phase: Russia Starts Bombing ISIS?

That didn’t take long. Russia is keeping to its word. China has arrived. 120 or so Kiwi, men and women are in the middle of all of this and while the TPPA And TTIP negotiations are descending into mayhem with countries pulling out and people protesting the global corporate take over the war propaganda is […]

Russia Gets Very Serious on “De-dollarizing”. The Russia-China “Silk Road” Strategy

By F. William Engdahl (Always an interesting read) Russia is about to take another major step towards liberating the Ruble from the Dollar System. Its Finance Ministry just revealed it is considering issuing Russian state debt in Chinese Yuan. That would be an elegant way to decouple from the dependence and blackmail pressures from the […]

MH 17 flight paths_0

Remember Flight MH17?

One of my readers pointed out that the links don’t work. I have to confess to be at a loss as to why they don’t. I give you the two links to copy and past so you can get to the reports: futurefastforward.com/images/stories/financial/MH17_Report_Russian_Union_of_Engineers_EN_Oceania_Saker.pdf www.onderzoeksraad.nl/uploads/phase-docs/701/b3923acad0ceprem-rapport-mh-17-en-interactief.pdf When flight MH 17 crashed on Thursday, July 17  we where […]

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander: Russia Reopens Spybase In Cuba

Russia has quietly reached an agreement with Cuba to reopen a Soviet-era spy base on America’s doorstep, amid souring relations between Moscow and Washington. The deal to reopen the signals intelligence facility in Lourdes, south of Havana, was agreed in principle during president Vladimir Putin‘s visit to the island as part of a Latin American […]

The End Of The Petro Dollar? China Russia Ties Highest In History

Original Russia Today Russia-China cooperation has reached its highest level ever, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in an interview with Chinese media on the eve of his visit to Shanghai, where a record package of documents is expected to be signed by the two nations. Below is the full transcript of the Russian president’s […]

Civil war in the Ukraine And More Financial War As S&P Junks Russian Bonds

Very interesting broadcast from Webster Tarpley. He goes much deeper into the Patriotic Freedom issue (think Cliven Bundy’s ranch standoff) connecting it to the Roman empire and the German Junkers. He also addresses the current developing civil war in Ukraine which with the capture of Ukrainian Alpha team members send to create mayhem in the […]


War Pimp Alert: Russian Jets Breaching NATO Airspace.

This morning while catching up on the 100 or so news publications I go through every morning a headline in a Dutch paper caught my eye. (English link here) It said that Dutch F-16s had scrambled to intercept two Russian Jets who flew into their airspace without identifying themselves. Woa, WTF? Is this Russian intimidation […]

Jews Ordered To Register In East Ukraine But Who Is Doing The Ordering?

This morning the Daily mail online newspaper featured a big pictured of Putin with under it the text: Jews ordered to register, World War III? When I went back there sometime later the text had changed to: Jews ordered to register and list property in East Ukraine. Apart from the fact that it is of […]

Did The Ukraine Just Declare War On Russia?

Here are just a few pointers as to why a war between NATO and Russia would be a bad idea: The NATO has to rely on Russia to get about 50.000 troops out of Afghanistan if things were to turn Vietnam over there. Europe relies heavily on Russia for all its gas needs. Europe and […]

Russia Denies Role In Attack On Military Base In Ukraine

And it absolutely would make no sense for Russia to do something like that either but for the West with its Blackwater mercenaries on the scene now that would be a boon. Russia, the bad guy and more reasons to push for war! Remember the West hoping for a big price with the Crimea are […]

McCully Shows He Has No Idea About Geo-Politics And History

Update: When I wrote this article I wanted to link to the NATO page which shows clearly that we signed a brandspanking new NATO partnership in June 1012 and I could not find the website. I turns out the NATO website was under a cyber attack and was offline. (At the time of writing this […]

Breaking: Crimea Forms It’s Own Fleet, Ukrainian troops in Crimea Side With Locals as 675,000 Ukrainians Flee To Russia.

Update: Only 1 to 1.5% of conscripts bother to show up when Kiev calls for mobilisation   Here are some update from the situation on the ground in the Crimea: Ukrainian troops dispatched to the Crimea are siding with the Autonomous region of Crimea 675,000 Ukrainians flee to neighboring “invading” Russia Crimea thanks Russia for […]


Anti North Korean Propaganda: Relentless And Disingenuous And Keep Your Eyes on Syria

Isn’t it funny How Syria has disappeared from our MSM front pages? Maybe the fact that the Russians are playing war games in the Black Sea may have something to do with it. One thing is for sure the MSM is Propagandizing and  posturing about the perceived thread of a nuclear North Korea in a […]

Russia Plans to Keep 10 Warships in Mediterranean

MOSCOW, March 1 (RIA Novosti) – A proposed Russian permanent naval task force in the Mediterranean Sea may consist of up to 10 combat and auxiliary ships, a high-ranking military source said. “A command headquarters responsible for the deployment of a permanent naval task force must be set up at the Black Sea Fleet,” the […]

Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare

‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change. By Prof Michel Chossudovsky “HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems globally.” “‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace […]

Russia starts major naval drills in Mediterranean Sea amid Syria crisis

Russia has launched its largest naval exercises in decades in the Mediterranean and Black Seas near the territorial waters of Syria amid the ongoing crisis in the Arab country. The drills “are held in line with the Russian Armed Forces’ 2013 combat training plan and focus on interoperability of task forces from several fleets while […]


Assad Calls For War, Russian Ships Parked Under The Syrian Coast as US Deploys Patriot Missiles Along the Turkish/Syrian Border

After a lengthy period of absence the Syrian President Assad has come out and called the Syrian people to war against the rebels as it becomes clear that the Syrian revolution has been hijacked by foreign powers. Several hours ago, Syrian president delivered his first public speech in months, addressing the internal military conflict that […]


Russian destroyer docks at Bandar Abbas port

Just in case you’re wondering. Russian destroyers don’t go to Iran everyday so if one docks in an Iranian harbour you can bet your bottom dollar Russia is trying to tell NATO and the US something. “Marshal Shaposhnikov, a Russian Udaloy-class destroyer, has docked at this port with the aim of strengthening military ties between […]

Baltic Fleet's guard ship "Yaroslav Mudry" during military exercise

Russia Sends Two Squadrons To Syria As It Says The Patriot Missiles Are Directed At Iran And Not Syria.

According to Worldcrunch online news paper Russian military experts are saying the Patriot missiles NATO wants to place along the Syrian border in Turkey are just as easily directed to Iran increasing the risk of armed conflict with Iran. Added to that, in contradiction with the MSM assertion that Russia was ending it’s support for […]

Russian Ships en Route to Syria while the US is Sending Theirs

In a post on his blog Tony Cartalucci argues that if the US fails to conquer Syria the empire will crumble. I hope they will and aim to help to delegitimise the rule of  our current criminal bankster elite. In the mean time Russia is sending ships to Syria. so I take it they to […]

Obama declares National Emergency and issues E.O. against Russian assets!

I guess things did not go as planned when Obama met with Putin in Rio de Janeiro! This is a very dangerous development indeed. (Hat tip Peter Daniel) On June 25, President Barack Obama issued a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the President of the Senate stating that under […]

Bilderberg, Russia, and Romney but nothing to see here according to Kim Hill!

Kim Hill interviewed Charlie Skelton in her usual snide fashion on Saturday. However Charlie Skelton was able to get some very important issues with regards to this secretive powerful group. For example when a giggling Kim asked him if he was disappointed that the Bilderberg group actually published its attendee list on their website he […]

Now that we are partners with NATO here is what we got ourselves in for!

It may have passed you by but John Key has this week “formalised” the already “informal” relation ship in an “unbinding” partnership treaty with the biggest war criminal organisation in the world; The North Atlantic Treaty Organization! Confused because we are a group of little Islands in the Pacific and nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean? […]

So what does Russia think about Syria and Iran and their pending liberation?

Much is made of Russia’s and Cina’s veto on military intervention in Syria by the MSM Western press but the gist is clear: if China and Russia do not cooperate with the destruction of yet another country they are in favour of human right breaches and that is a bad thing. And while breaches in […]

For more independent information here are PressTV and RT online

Here is a link to an interview with two Press analysts on the banning the Iranian sender Press TV of the UK Sky senders. Truth-Jihad-32k-012512.mp3 Here are the links to the websites of PressTV and Russia Today So you can form your own opinion