For more independent information here are PressTV and RT online

Here is a link to an interview with two Press analysts on the banning the Iranian sender Press TV of the UK Sky senders. Truth-Jihad-32k-012512.mp3 Here are the links to the websites of PressTV and Russia Today So you can form your own opinion  

Russia Today TV online

I don’t trust any MSM outlet and not many of the big mainstream Blogosphere media such as Huffington post either but today I want to promote Russia Today. Not because I trust them, they are after all Russia funded they have their own agenda but because they give information from another angle and the sender […]

Tony Goslin: The UK government follows orders from the bankers!

Investigative Journalist Tony Goslin in an interview with RTTV states that the government follows orders from the banking establishment and he point out that 340 deaths of mostly ethnic minorities may have something to do with the explosion of violence in UK inner cities. 340 deaths at policemen’s hands! About one a month and not […]