Do you feel manipulated by any chance? I know I do.

Yesterday I zapped passed NZTV only to zap away quickly again when I saw Bill English’s ugly mug spread all over the screen. I don’t know about you but doesn’t it strike you as odd that a disgraced financial predator who shamelessly rorted the system for his own benefit (including an extra $ 20.- cleaning […]

English shouldn’t get a cent

Just in case you feel that I as a foreigner should not attack the kiwi finance minister let’s see what a respected political editor has to say about Bill English’s antics. This one is by Duncan Garner Bill English should cut the pretence. He doesn’t live in Dipton and hasn’t for more than a decade. […]

Labour needle English on spending cuts

Bill English, the man who things that it’s OK to rorting (what an arcane word let’s call it ripping off) the NZ taxpayers for $ 920.- week because he wants to keep his “family life balanced”, explains why he is OK with dumping disabled children of low income and giving $ 35 million to private […]