RIP Terry Pratchett

If there is one author whose books I read and read again it is Terry Pratchett. His crazy cast of characters, the total outside the box thinking and the story lines and dare I say it, the lack of chapters! Every book a goldmine of joy, intelligence and satirical brilliance set in a world made […]

RIP Pete Seeger: Which side are you on boys?

A funny thing happened only about two weeks ago. Someone gave us about the entire series of Justified: The series about US Marshal Raylan Gibbons  set in Harlan County. For some reason I decided to read up on it and found some interesting information about the backgound of the series which explained the origin of […]

RIP Splitting the Sky

Found on a path near his home where he slipped of a cement step AND he may have been hit over the head? Another one of those convenient deaths we have been witnessing recently. Splitting the Sky was an awesome activist. A warrior for peace and justice. He was 61 when he died and I […]

RIP Russell Means

Russell Means, Oglalah Sioux and long time Native American activist and all round teacher and thinker died of Cancer at 72. He has been one of my personal heroes since he and his fellow activists took back Wounded Knee in 1973. May he walk with his ancestors in eternal peace!

Lynn Margulis: 1938-2011

Rest in peace dear Lynn. You courageous wonderful woman you! Lynn Margulis: 1938-2011 The family of Lynn Margulis has announced that she died at home on Tuesday, November 22, at the age of 73. She had suffered a serious hemorrhagic stroke on Friday, November 18 – so serious that there was no chance of recovery. […]