The Washington Consensus, A Backgrounder And Yes, It Is Being Implemented In New Zealand Right Now

Both John Key and Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler are global banker insiders. Graeme Wheeler in fact spend much of his career at the top of the World bank implementing the Washington Consensus and was living in Washinton working as a financial advisor at the time he was called back to take the job as governor of the NZ Reserve bank. He is what I call a foreign Kiwi, just like John Key and the Ian Fletcher who is now heading the GCSB.

Cunliffe’s Policies: First Over The Line By Stealth!

The idea of MMP is of course that groups outside of the two big blocks get a chance to be represented too. It is meant to allow political changes in opinions and needs to change countries peacefully and through elected representatives. At least that is more or less how it has worked over the last […]

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Bubble burst alert: Bank of Japan Posts Whopping ¥233 Billion Loss As Its Soaring Balance Sheet Hits Record ¥156 Trillion

But… but… a central bank can never lose money. Bzzzz, wrong. As it just so happens, the world’s most tragicomic farce of a central bank, and one which is about to officially lost its (faux) “independence” and become a branch of the Japanese government if the up and coming PM Abe has his way, the […]

With A New Reserve bank Governor and Derivatives Clearing House Here is What Every Kiwi Should Know

We have waved goodbye to Bollard who did not see the 2008 crisis coming but do everything the same regardless and we will welcome a brand spanking new Governor (more on him in future posts), we will also see the birth of a brand spanking new Derivatives Clearing house (About which also more in future […]

English names new Reserve Bank Governor

Is this the man who will be the last reserve bank Governor or will it all collapse earlier? One thing is for sure as the  Vice President and Treasurer at The World Bank Director, Financial Products and Services Department at The World Bank Treasurer of the New Zealand Debt Management Office and Deputy Secretary at […]

Who is going to be the next unelected Rothschild representative running our money supply?

This is what the founding fathers of the US had to say about private banks running the money supply. Bollard who has been the unelected Rothschild representative running this country’s money supply needs to be replaced apparently. So here are the contenders. Anyone with knowledge about these individuals such as connections with the trilateral commission […]

Keep MPs away from Reserve Bank

Don Brash defends the separation of the finance world and the rest of us. Why I wonder is that? Why is the management of our money in the hands of an unaccountable unelected organisation without any of us having anything to say about money this country has because we worked and produced. Again you might […]

Bernanke’s Speech: “It’s all China’s fault. Really”

04/06/08 “ICH” — – He’s at it again. Bernanke, that is. Yesterday the Fed chief delivered a rambling 45 minute speech at the International Monetary Conference in Barcelona, Spain laying out all the reasons why the Federal Reserve is NOT responsible for the present crisis in the financial markets. Here’s what he said: “In the […]