Fascism Comes To Raglan. Booze Bus, TV Cameras And All!

Heaps of cops on there (sic)way to ragz with there(sic) police stop truck. Raglan Notice board. Labour Weekend in Raglan is the biggest weekend of the year. It is the weekend that all small businesses in Raglan hope will start their summer earnings and hopefully keep them alive and thriving. I know this because I […]

Holiday And Send The Bloody KASM Submission In Today!

While Fukushima melts, the financial world burns, the peoples anger smolders and we here in Raglan fume over Anadarko and the Seabed mining plans of our corporate owned government I have decided to take some time off to celebrate life in all it’s ugly and beautiful glory. A friend from Holland arrived three weeks ago […]


Update: Flotilla Met By Whales At Anadarko Ground Zero!

In what could not have been more symbolic a pod of well known whales met the flotilla which will protest at ground zero for the Anadarko experimental oil rig. The experimental oil rig vessel will do a test drill for oil in 1500 meter deep water a 100 miles out of the coast of the […]

Raglan Is Angry. Not Once, Not Twice But Three Times!

To the casual observer such as your average JAFA who visits on a weekend, Raglan might be a quaint, somewhat rustic town with a curious but laid back mixture of locals, both Maori and Pakeha, with overtones of ancient hippiedom mixed with an eclectic assortment of people of all cultures, countries and walks of life […]


Chemtrail over Raglan, New Zealand

Chemtrail over Raglan North Island New Zealand 4:45 PM onwards and still visible. Originating somewhere from Hamilton (airport?) ending over Raglan! White line spreading upwards with strange black rimmed clouds forming in them while the clouds outside of the line stayed white with a little darker belly like normal clouds. Now 5:20 pm the black […]

A sign of the times: Armed police chase Raglan sheep rustlers

I don’t like this as I live close to the affected areas but Swat teams in response to rustling? it seems to me a sign of the times. Sheep carcasses were found in an abandoned vehicle after police responded to rifle shots at a Raglan farm last night. Gun shots on a farm near Te […]