John Key Goes To Wall Street!

John Key Left for New York to attend the Anti terrorism summit which coincides with the leaders’ week of the UN General Assembly, during which leaders of about 160 countries are expected to be New York – including Mr Key, the Pope and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. This is all very interesting because it emerged […]

Ukrainian president says his country is ready to go to war with Russia and says the crisis there is more dangerous than the spread of ISIS

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko today said he is ready for ‘total war’ against Russia as he claimed the crisis in eastern Europe is more serious than the threat from Islamic State. Kiev is convinced that Moscow is strengthening its troop presence on its borders and inside rebel-held areas, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. As […]

Oh Oops, Abbott’s Shirtfronting But Putin’s Doing The Real World Thing.

Abbott with his incredible sense of entitlement and epic ignorance may have bit off more than he can chew when he confronted Putin at APEC. He may think of himself as a big swinging dick but I think Putin is out doing him in that department. Maybe he should keep to racing planes with our […]

Secrecy Around The Cause Of The MH17 Crash And Putin Meeting Poroshenko. What Is Going On?

The Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine signed a secrecy pact around the investigation of the downing of the Malaysian Airliner MH 17. It is unclear if Malaysia has signed the pact as well. With 194 Dutch victims the Dutch are the state who lost most of the victims and as a Dutch National I am at […]

I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too.

This morning when trawling my usual sources of information I came across a curious bit of news nobody in the MSM cared to mention until the mayor of Hilversum which lost quite a few people in the attack on the MH 17 said that deporting the daughter of Putin might also be a good sanction […]

And The Psychopath Said: “You Have No Soul!”

In their zeal to brand the Russian President the devil reincarnate the MSM Prestitutes quoted a man who by all accounts can only be deemed a Psychopath no matter what definition you use. Vice President Biden whose son sits on the board of Ukraine’s largest gas producer making his daddy a man with a huge […]

Was The Malaysian Airplane The Wrong Plane? Was Putin’s Plane The Real Target?

According to Dutch News paper de Telegraaf the airplane of President Putin was in the same airspace as the Malaysian airplane either shortly before or after it got shot down according to an anonymous source. According to the article which appeared on the site at 21:15 local time meaning 7:15 NZ time the two planes […]

You Want A Free Market? You’ve Got It!

The Coup leaders of the Ukrainian new illegal government wanted to be with Europe and the free market. Of course they would. They represent the billionaires and the oligarchs after all. The people of the Ukraine have other ideas however and the country is falling apart as a result. Not only that, the Western powers […]

Obama, Putin… Obama, Putin? Two halfs Of The Same Shit Sandwhich, Which On Are You Going To Eat?

Let’s not forget that in the great chess game it’s the  banksters who finance both sides and win no matter what. Here is an interesting Corbett show which shines a moderating light on the MSM maligning and the alternative Media lionizing of Russia and Putin in particular.

A Plea for Caution From Russia: Putins Entire Letter To The New York Times

Here is Vladimir Putin’s entire letter as published in the New York Times on 9/11 2013. MOSCOW — RECENT events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies. Relations between us have […]


On The Moll Comfort, Weapons Never Seen Before in The Middle East And Russian War Ships.

It wasn’t front page news and why would it be? It didn’t happen in one of our own harbors after all but near Yemen and funny stuff happens there all the time after all, n’est pas? But last week a huge container barge just happened to break in two, out of the blue, leaving a […]

Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game with Washington in Syria and Eurasia

by F. William Engdahl WHo is also responsible for an excellent analysis of the financial system called the Financial Tsunami. Since reassuming his post as Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has lost no minute in addressing the most urgent geopolitical threats to Russia internationally. Not surprisingly, at the center of his agenda is the explosive situation […]

Cold warrior Henry Kissinger woos Russia for Barack Obama

Change we can believe in. Yeah right. So why is Obama sending a war criminal to negotiate with Putin. (Not that i think Putin is such a nice guy but let’s get real here OK. Obama is sending Kissinger because he is not in the position to send anybody else. He’s a pretty face and […]

Impeachment is Not Enough

While the Kiwi newspapers announce the fact that Beckham will be appearing on the Olympics to do something inane as the most important news, historic world events are unfolding at breakneck speed without the Kiwi’s having so much as an inkling. Like the fact that a columnist for the biggest Russian News Paper Pravda unequivocally […]

The Litvinenko files: Was he really murdered?

His gruesome and very public death shocked the world – and threw London and Moscow into their worst diplomatic crisis since the Cold War. But 18 months on, Mary Dejevsky argues we’re still not being told the whole, chilling story Alexander Litvinenko in his hospital bed at University College Hospital, London, shortly before he died […]

Vladamir Putin: “The world’s most popular leader”?

By Mike Whitney 12/01/07 “ICH ” — — – On Sunday, Russians will vote in their country’s parliamentary elections. The results are a foregone conclusion. Putin’s party, United Russia, is expected to win in a landslide. The only question is whether the margin of victory will exceed 70%. If it does, then Putin will continue […]