Introducing Social Bonds Or How National Is Privatising Health Care

This week, only a week after they closed relationship Aotearoa, the government announced that they were introducing social bonds to private investors. They are doing so to allow private investors the chance to invest in mental healthcare. The idea is that people invest in these bonds and only if the results are measurably positive will […]

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert on The IMF Or Why You Should Be Very Worried When They Give Us Compliments

John Key is happy that the IMF gives New Zealand Compliments. He should be because he is a banker and wants his ilk to thrive. But why should we be happy with the compliments of its CEO Christine Lagarde who in her  homeland France recently had her apartment raided as part of an ongoing investigation […]

Hollow Out The Public Entity And Fatten The Private one. No Privatisation Nessesary!

Some excellent sleuthing going on over at Frank Macskasy’s site! Last year, on 19 May,  Solid Energy was one of five SOEs that National announced would be partially privatised (see: Budget 2011: Govt seeks $7 billion in asset sales). Bill English announced, with a naivetee usually reserved for wildly idealistic, wide-eyed  youth, “Well targeted investment […]

The Collapse Between Now and April 2013. Are you Prepared?

Here are a few Videos! Max Keiser,Gerald Celente and Alex Jones with their guests discussing Gold and Silver manipulation, global collapse and how it might look and the LIBOR scam uncovering the manipulation of just about every market!

Oh, and how the Corporate Privatised Prison system is competing the last surviving businesses out of the market. Soon the only way US citizens will get a job will be if they go to prison!

On Watercare, $ 100 a month bills and Aucklands Privatised Water!

Update: received a photo of a bill! News is beginning to reach me that Auckland residents are receiving bills for water of around a $100 a month. They are receiving these from a company called Watercare. I would  like to have a copy of the contract the receiver of these bills has signed with this […]

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states in the US as Big Government claims ownership over our water

What’s next? Well another privatisation of course. Water will no longer be ours but first it will be monopolised by government after which it will be sold of to the highest bidder. Think I’m crazy? Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land […]

On the privatisation of Water, Fracking and why it’s a really bad idea.

With the privatisation of water on the cards for New Zealand to the point of actually having meters on the tanks you installed yourself on your little off the grid survival patch here are some ideas and links you might like to explore. In England the South is experiencing the worst draughts in recent history […]

The privatisation of water is as benign as Lucifer

Water privatisation is what will be the next bubble if the 1% can help it. Just imagine the planet would die in three days without water and the 1% want control over it. They want to speculate with it and control it and control who or what lives or dies. San Rafael, California — There […]

Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex: The Economics of Incarceration in the USA

If you need any more proof that we are just cattle for the powers that be I despair. For anyone paying attention, there is no shortage of issues that fundamentally challenge the underpinning moral infrastructure of American society and the values it claims to uphold. Under the conceptual illusion of liberty, few things are more […]

Power point presentations!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit slow with posting but to be hones I have been thinking about how to move forward. As a result I am currently working on several power point presentations on several subjects: Derivatives: Financial weapons of mass destruction. History and use of Derivatives translated into […]

Our green clean image only counts for something if we get tourists or why our Nature reserves will be mined.

While bloggers around the NZ blogosphere rail against the oh, so predictable privatisation (excellent article, hattip to the Standard) of the National parks so that international corporations can rape and pillage them, leaving New Zealand with nothing but environmental disasters and hardly any monetary gain it pays to point out that one argument namely our […]

In Arizona, death row may soon be run by private industry

The State of Arizona, seeking to close a $2 billion budget gap, is planning to open bidding on all but one of its prison facilities. Included in the offerings to private firms is an opportunity to manage the captivity of those condemned to die: a move that, for the first time ever, would put a […]

Privatisation alert: Transpower on credit watch

Investment banker and chairman of the Capital Markets Development Taskforce Rob Cameron recently called for the substantial reorganisation of Transpower, saying the electricity grid operator had been “woefully served by the state-owned enterprise model.” Ok, so here’s how it’s going to go down, and the fun really is going to start for John Key and […]

Prison Policies a Recipe for Disaster

I don’t usually link to press releases but I think that this one warrants attention. Let’s not forget that National has been known to want to privatise the prison system. Is this why they implement this stricter regime? Will they collapse the system through overburdening prison staff, and antagonising prisoners who will become re offenders […]

Hide and local government a scary mix

Local Government has done nothing to upset John Key. John Key does not get upset. John Key in fact will do exactly what he said he would do, he will keep smiling his happy smile. He just enacts his masters orders. It’s nothing personal. His orders? Destroy the cohesion of local communities. Monger fear and […]

“Measure of America” report documents social decay of the United States

America is a dead man walking but overhere we still think of it as our big brother. Just in case you think John Key’s ideas of opening up healthcare to competition i.e. privatistion perhaps you should read this first In overall life expectancy, the United States ranks an astonishing 42nd, behind not only Canada, Australia, […]

National’s ACC plans gets murkier

News that the Australian insurance industry is lining up to profit over National’s secret plans to privatise ACC means the party must come clean on their intentions, the Council of Trade Unions said today. “Last month we issued a ‘please explain’ to National, after reported comments from their spokesperson and deputy leader that they were […]

Job Losses And Increased Costs If ACC Privatised

Hello, People this is not just any bank, this is John Key’s old Boss. Why was John Key have breakfast with his old bosses in their office in London in Oktober last year? Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 1:57 pm Press Release: Public Service Association PSA MEDIA RELEASE July 2, 2008 For Immediate Use PSA Concerned […]

Number of uninsured U.S. young adults grows

Yep, privatisation of health care really works. y Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of uninsured U.S. young adults, who already represent a major chunk of the American population without health coverage, rose again in 2006, according to a study released on Friday. Based on census data, 13.7 million people aged 19 to 29 […]