So You Think The Royals Have No Power?

To most Kiwi’s the Royals are a quaint remnant of a bygone era who live in big palaces as tourist attracting relics and whose antics are merely a performance to keep us amused and make us feel special because the queen is our “ceremonial” head of state who has no real world power. She is […]

The Chart the 1% fears the most!

In order to have reached the peak level of power the 1% currently enjoys, they have had to inflict growing threats, sabotage and pain on the underlying population. It seems the 1% have something to fear after all and 400 or so barbed wired FEMA camps tells me we haven’t reached the end of the […]

Liege, Gladio and Pedophilia: The bizarre, dark and dangerous in Belgium Politics

Belgium is a strange place. It houses Brussels and the center of power in Europe but can’t manage to form a government of it’s own due to the fact that the Flemish (Dutch speaking and the Wallons (French speaking) can’t stand each other. It is also a place where power and perversion meet, gangsters terrorize […]