‘There were times when it seemed the Lord was sleeping’: Pope’s extraordinary confession to tens of thousands gathered in St Peter’s Square for final audience

Did the pope just say: “God sux?” The Pope used his final public appearance yesterday to reveal the toll the crises in the Catholic Church have taken on him. As a crowd of 200,000 packed St Peter’s Square, Benedict XVI admitted that in recent years God had seemed to him ‘to be sleeping’. His papacy […]

Have A Great Festivus And Fuck The Pope!

To all of you still adhering to the Catholic faith I apologise but With the last speech the Pope has once again shown how thoroughly and hideously out of touch him and his merry band of paedophile enabling dress clad priest and cardinals are with what it really means to be a human being. In […]

Is the Pope being exposed as another Borgia?

The scandal erupting in the Vatican is getting juicier and juicier and could potentially be even more damaging than the sexual molestation cases which earlier damaged the Vatican in unprecedented fashion.  The former head of the Vatican Bank has become the Papacy’s Enemy Number One, after police discovered a trove of documents exposing financial misdeeds […]

Pope’s message angers gay rights activists

Sorry truthmama, no offence and I respect your spirituality but this pisses me off. How come it’s always old white guys with a serious case of religiosity and dressed in ridiculously pompous frocks who feel it is their duty to tell us what is moral or not. ROME, Italy (CNN) — Pope Benedict XVI reiterated […]

While the world burns they fiddle; literally.

Just imaging a humble German priest at 85 wants to hear Mozart’s Mass in C minor played for his 85th birthday. Being a humble spiritual spiritual servant to his flock and much loved you would think that his flock buys him a DVD of his favourite orchestra and choir to have him enjoy this master […]