Is John Key An American? Will You Help Us Find Out?

By Travellerev in cooperation with Ben Vidgen An interesting question was raised by a lady who sent me a letter she received from the department of Justice. Anita Boccino, now and for many years a New Zealander but originally a US citizen wanted an answer to a very simple question and decided to request a […]


On Killing Babies, Illegal Settlements and Why I Won’t Be Buying SodaStream Products Any Time Soon

If like me you are driven to distraction by the photos of dead babies and women with their fathers and menfolk grieving over them and you are wondering what you can do to stop it here is one thing you might want to consider: A Boycott! I myself have to make no real sacrifice other […]

Syrian Girl. Well Worth Listening Too!

Syrian girl is a gorgeous, young, incredibly brave and astute observer of what is happening in her country. She is invited to speak an a number of high profile non mainstream media and her opinion and insights are valued around the globe. I just became her facebook friend and told her I wanted to because […]

Why does the NZ army need cannon fodder? Could it be to help the Ozzies in Africa

NZCF Kerikeri Unit Commander Mita Harris said the Green Unit was offering especially interesting training this year. Why is the NZ army “inviting” youngsters (from a primarily poor Maori region) for an especially interesting training. Could it be because the Australian army needs a couple more muppets to die in the banking empire’s illegal wars? […]

How To Become An (American) Extremist In Style!

  I personally practice my inner Gandhi and have made the decision to resist peacefully and with the full intention of getting into peoples faces as much as I can but other than that read and enjoy! One man with courage is a majority Thomas Jefferson Here is the original For most of us in […]

There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of America.

Last summer, for instance, the Bank – in order to satisfy creditors who were nervous about the enormous quantity of risky assets on its balance sheet – decided to move some $73 trillion (that’s trillion, with a T) in exotic derivative bets from one end of the company into the federally-insured, depository side of the […]

Money and Politics in America

Democrats in Denver Should Skip One of Their Parties and Read the American Monetary Act How are things going at the Democratic Party National Convention in Denver this week? Are they talking about the fact that the Western world is run by an international financial elite headquartered in London, the financial capitals of mainland Europe […]

The legacy of Nandor

I have had the chance to talk with Nandor and I was impressed with his intelligence and integrity. I will miss him in politics but wish him al the best in the next fase of his life. Nine years after his colourful entrance to Parliament, Nandor Tanczos today farewells his colleagues. Martin Kay talks to […]