Police mull ‘eyes in the sky’.

Well that didn’t take long did it? A decision will be made in 6 months!!! And while we’re at it why risk a policeman’s life? Might as well arm them and shoot “terrorists” criminals from a distance! New Zealand police are investigating whether to use unmanned aerial vehicles, which would act as spies in the […]

Greek police union wants to arrest EU/IMF officials

The Greek police union which represents two thirds of the police force in Greece are siding with the population. That is truly epic and gives me hope! Greece’s largest police union has threatened to issue arrest warrants for officials from the country’s European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders for demanding deeply unpopular austerity measures. […]

Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue

Another pleasant way to pass the time if you are a police bully with a tool that doesn’t leave any marks and you have a predilection for homo-erotic sadism. A Boise, Idaho, police officer who pushed a Taser inside a man’s buttocks and threatened to “Taser his balls” violated use-of-force policy, but didn’t break the […]

Remember the neighbourhood constable knocking on your door if your party got to loud?

Well that ain’t so any more. You advertise your birthday or any other celebration to your friends on face book and this could happen to you if you live in the UK or the US. If you want to have a Barbeque in your backyard expect this to happen. If you let your grass grow […]

Police Terror Stops Occur Every Three Minutes In London

Some 10 years ago I and my husband visited London. We were staying with friends and we decided to take a sight seeing trip in the evening. We drove our old 2CV to the city and parked close to the St. Pauls cathedral which like many of the most beautiful buildings throughout Europe was lit […]