Here is Why You Are Obsolete.

Here is the Graph that shows why you and I are obsolete. The Graph which starts is in 1995 shows that at that time  human labour was actually needed to raise the standard of living not just for the general population but for the corporations too. What it shows historically is that the trend is […]

Union fury as civil service outsources jobs to India

Again this is the UK but since we reinstalled the British colonial honour system and we all swear allegiance to the English Queen how long before it happens here? So you finally bought your counsil house with a mortgage stinking to high heaven of bubbled value. You work your asses of and the counsil has […]

1500 jobs at Telecom may be lost overseas

Financial benefits for whom? Oh for the telecom shareholders the 1500 Kiwi’s be damned. More than 1500 jobs are in doubt after Telecom announced it was looking at moving more of its call centre functions to the Philippines. That leaves just one customer service – 128 for faults – not undergoing trials in Manila. In an […]