No 24 on the Open Parachute Sitemeter Rating Page!

I am currently basking in the knowledge that my blog, even though my real world life took over big time last year from my blogging, has reached the dizzying height of number 24 (Dated 16th January 2016) of New Zealand blogs (out of 300 or so) on the Open Parachute sitemeter page. Not bad for […]

We Are In Surplus. What?

In the UK in March 2015 the Government added prostitution and drug dealing to the GDP so they could pump the numbers. Yesterday the NZ government all of a sudden announced that we were in surplus. How can we be in surplus when our debt like in the UK is exploding?! Have they added prostitution […]

Breaking: New Zealand Joins NATO’s Counter-Piracy Mission Ocean Shield, Second Only To The Ukraine!

New Zealand is the second NATO partner nation, after Ukraine, to contribute to Operation Ocean Shield.  New Zealand has previously contributed to NATO operations, including SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ISAF in Afghanistan.  For those of you still thinking NZ is not a “partner/member” of NATO I hope you will reconsider: Following a formal […]

Spies Mum Over US Money Donations? That Tells You All You Need To Know!

Here is my point. Their English sister organization had to admit they received funds from the US after Snowden revealed they had been given large wads of cash by their US counterparts and the GCSB doesn’t want to say if they did. Well who is their Paymaster? The one they don’t want to talk about […]

How Goldman Sachs Ruined Greece. And Yes, They Are Doing It Here Too!

In April 2012 I reported that New Zealand was accumulating Derivative swaps at an alarming rate. When I reported on this the amount of money in Derivatives was already an alarming $ 112 Billion and I have no reason to  assume that is anything less as I write this. At the time Dr Sue Newberry […]

Bathurst Moves To New Zealand

Tomtidomtidom… Australian coalminer Bathurst Resources’ shareholders have almost unanimously approved the company’s corporate shuffle across the Tasman. At a meeting today in Perth, its registered city of origin, Bathurst got the nod from its mostly Australian owners to create a New Zealand incorporated company. Of the 99 per cent of shareholders represented, 96 per cent […]

Navy Sailors are Leaving for the Mines in OZ or How we are Programmed to Start Spending on the Military!

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country. Herman Göring The last couple of […]

Springtime For The Military-Industrial Complex

I rest my case! The FT erroneously concludes that the boom-times are over for the military contractors: The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been a boon to US contractors. The US has used so many of them in the conflicts that at times they outnumbered the military they supported. But the boom times are coming […]

NZ Asset Sales Policy Began On Wall Street

One thing not mentioned in this otherwise excellent article is the fact that John Key has most of his paper wealth still in what is easily the most corrupt and hated bank; Bank of America and is as such seriously compromised. By Lewis Verduyn The Key government’s asset sales agenda is derived from the Washington […]

Government plans to make mineral exploration easier

More rape and pillage courtesy of the NWO! The Government is planning “significant” changes to the Crown Minerals Act next year to make it easier for miners to explore and then extract minerals, and it will consult the public and industry soon. The Government has indicated for some time that it intends reviewing the act, […]

Did John Key just promise to give millions of dollars to al Qaeda?

To most Kiwi’s the NATO attack on Libya was all about freeing the Libyan people and killing the latest Villain du Jour and the rebels we helped put into place were promised millions of NZ dollars to help them rebuild an infrastructure which until the attack had been perfectly fine. But who are these rebels […]

NZ dairy products going down in price as the world economy collapses

We’ve had it good the last two years and I’m sure most kiwi’s thought that with our own hard nosed businessman at the helm we’d be alright but last Friday that impression was corrected with the double down grade both Bankster John Key and Bill double Dipton (or should I say double downgrade) English had […]

In the mean time: the Economic collapse is progressing according to plan.

You would almost forget that while Kiwi’s try to get to Rugby games with badly organised transport and frustration levels rising to unacceptable levels while Bill English’s brother gets choice jobs terrorist accusations get dropped after four years of terror for those accused the global economy continues to slow down and continues to collapse. Here […]

False flag alert: MSM manipulation to prepare Kiwi’s for a UK style spate of riots?

The riots are still in full swing in London and already the MSM is scaring the average middle class Kiwi into believing the rioting horses will soon rule the streets of New Zealand. Are we being prepared for unrest and a strong leadership in the pending crisis from John Key? Here are a few pointers: […]

Of course people riot and of course they loot, Not a nice thing but this is what happens when the system protects the rich and punishes the poor!

But the left, the Anglo-American left? Where and what do our most prominent public intellectuals, including those with booking agents charging five-digit lecture fees, have to say about this world-wide revolt? Nary a word is found in left, center-left magazines, web sites and blogs. During their lucrative lectures, they thunder against the immoralities of war […]

Just so we are clear: Banking scams, Illegal wars of aggression and tax cuts for the rich caused the implosion, not the tea party!!!

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” John Steinbeck In America the smearing of the “tea party” has begun. The “tea party” is in the true traditions of NAZI propagandisme a moniker given to a wide variety of angry groups of […]

Power point presentations!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit slow with posting but to be hones I have been thinking about how to move forward. As a result I am currently working on several power point presentations on several subjects: Derivatives: Financial weapons of mass destruction. History and use of Derivatives translated into […]

Breaking: Tesco confirms that reactor no 1 is in total meltdown

According to RT (Russian TV) Tesco, the nuclear company and owner of the Fukushima plant has announced that the situation at reactor no 1 is far worse than previously thought. Only half the amount thought to have been in the reactor core is still there raising serious questions as to what happened to the 11 […]

NZ plugged into secret internet

I want to assure you that New Zealand does nothing in secret, does nothing behind it’s citizens back and that the government does not partake in secret spying organisations and above all they do not conspire. A leaked American study into military actions in Afghanistan reveals New Zealand is quietly plugged into the world’s most […]

Schock doctrine alert: NZer arrested at ‘al Qaeda stronghold’

Western countries are worried that some of their citizens, in particular young men of Pakistani descent, who support the militant cause might travel to northwest Pakistan for militant training and to plot violence. Yesterday, I reported that the Age a Australian Fairfax owned online newspaper mentioned in  September 2008 that Jihadist websites called upon Australian […]

Will Muslims be blamed for the Australian Bush fires.

As the sites of the disastrous fires in Australia are treated as crime scenes and Australians are looking for answers rumours are beginning to circle the Blogosphere and for the first time our MSM is prodding victims of these horrific fires to tell us what they would like to see happen if arsonists where to […]

More bad news: Financial Crisis Impacts Visitor Arrivals

Financial Crisis Impacts Visitor Arrivals The impact of the global financial crisis is beginning to be felt by the tourism industry, with visitor arrivals to New Zealand down 6.6%, just over 11,000 less people than in September 2007. Increasing economic uncertainty saw a drop in the number of visitors arriving from almost all of New […]