On Climate Change And Denial Or Why I Think The IPCC Is Full Of Shit And We Should Pay Attention To What It Is They Are NOT Discussing.

When you react skeptical to the hysteria erupting after yet another IPCC report predicting the unfortunate demise of the entire human species due to our damaging behavior towards this planet the reaction is predictable: “Oh”, people say with disdain,” you must be a DENIER.” Well. I am not. I just believe the IPCC is full […]

FLIR= Forward Looking Infrared Imaging= 911 truth

A couple of weeks ago NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology) lost a court case. They did not want to release material filmed and shot on 911 but the international Institute for 911 research went to court over a FOIA (freedom of information request) and won. Among others this brought back into the public […]

WTC7: Nist Finally Admits Freefall (Part III)

In light of the fact that NIST is an institute that answers to Bush or the next president only and that NIST scientists are specialists in Nano-thermite and a such knew very well where not to look, the fact that they where unable to come up with another explanation about the freefall speed collapse of […]

NIST finally has to admit “free fall” of building 7

NIST the official investigative body for the Physical events of 911 has after 7 years of procrastination finally released it’s final report on the collapse of building 7. The building collapsed in the late afternoon in New York into a pyroclastic dust cloud at freefall speed. In the entire history of steel framed buildings only […]


Patty Casazza, Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken all lost their husbands on 911. Thanks to these strong and courageous women the US Government was finally forced to investigate the events of 911. The 911 commission was formed and they “investigated” the events of 911 with the forgone conclusion that 19 hijackers of […]

NIST, WTC 7 and the ten most obvious connections between NIST and Thermite

NIST’s explanation that an entirely new Phenomenon “Thermal expansion” due to small office fires caused the most fortified building in New York to collapse in the freefall speed of 6.5 seconds beggars believe. But it gets worse; Shyam Sunder the lead investigator answered when questioned whether they had investigated the possibility that the building had […]

Government urges return to stone age

Go to original The White House and U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are urging Americans to return to the stone age for their own safety. “After discovering that ‘thermal expansion’ of steel from a low-temperature fire led to the collapse of World Trade Center building 7,” said NIST spokesperson Noh Wei, “we […]

The collapse of WTC 7 and the new law of physics as discovered by NIST.

My dear mother in law of almost 80 just called me up to tell me that the NIST rapport was actually mentioned in the Waikato times. In the middle of the middle section, some were buried. The WTC 7 collapse was part of the biggest attack on the US. Two Kiwi’s were killed that day […]


This is the leaked internal report about the WTC 7, the third of only three steel framed buildings to ever collapse as a result of minor fires. In fact the report clearly states that the fires were no longer visible. At any given moment there was only 20 minutes worth of fuel and the office […]