Cameron Tells Queen About Fantastically Corrupt Countries. Forgets To Mention New Zealand!

Here is a little video where Cameron tells the queen about how fantastically corrupt Nigeria and Afghanistan are. He forgot to mention the City of London and New Zealand among others. Did I mention our own queen of corrupt Judith Collins was attending? Here is what Max and Stacey have to say about it:

Vinnie Eastwood Is Interviewing William Black About The Panama Papers And I will Be Joining Him In The Second Half Of The Show!

Control fraud occurs when a trusted person in a high position of responsibility in a company, corporation, or state subverts the organization and engages in extensive fraud for personal gain. Wikipeadia Today between 2-4 pm NZ time Vinny Eastwood will be interviewing William “Bill” Black. I will be joining Vinny in the second hour to […]

Open Letter From New Zealand To The People Of The Countries Signing On To The TPPA Today!

Dear Citizens of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam, today New Zealand is hosting the signing of the TPPA. As an inhabitant of this country, I am gutted that our Prime Minister invited the representatives of your countries to come over here to sign the treaty. […]

On Jihadi Brides, Mass Shootings And The Advent Of $59 Million Worth Of Guns Or Why You Should Know Where The Next Civil Defence Exercises Are!

With the emergence of the information that with the last Paris attack and the San Bernardino once again civil defence exercises had gone life as with the 9/11, 7/7, Boston bombing attack to name a few it becomes apparent that knowing about these exercises can serve as a tool to predict where the next terror […]

Mission Accomplished: OECD Sounds “Alarm”. Austerity And Privatization Will Be Compulsary

John Key wanted NZ to become the Ireland of the Pacific. He worked hard at it. As our own economic hitman the “Smiling Assassin” borrowed, underfunded and bought derivatives preprogrammed to implode. The last great looting has begun.

Can John Key See Your Junk?

Most people don’t care if the GCSB spies on foreigners. That’s just par for the cause, everybody is doing it and if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to  fear. But ask them (that is if they are even remotely like the Americans) if they would mind if say John Key could see […]

On Prince Harry, Afghanistan, Iraq And Other Misbegotten Wars John Key Wants Us To Get Into.

Yesterday, Prime Minister John Key announced that “Prince” “I love the Army” Harry will arrive in New Zealand in May. It was a very timely announcement as Harry, who is leaving the army after 10 years, is a popular lad and John Key can do with some distracting “royal” entertainment. Previous to his visit to […]

While New Zealand Soldiers Will Fight ISIS/ISIL Britain Sends them Weapons!

Hat tip to Helen for bringing this to my attention and to Ugly Truth for for giving me the link to the English article from Fars News! This is not the first time news about Western countries arming ISIS emerged. Serena Shim, an American citizen with Lebanese origin, was killed in a “suspicious” car accident […]

Israel Attacks Damascus, Britain Opens Old Bases And Kiwi Soldiers Will “Train” Fighters In Afghanistan The Empire Ramps It Up

Update: Massive explosions reported after Israel attacked Syria this morning during an illegal act of war. This morning Syria confirmed that targets close to Damascus where hit by Israeli jets. Yesterday morning it was announced that England will reopen a basis in Bahrain which has not been used for 40 years. Furthermore yesterday Kiwi newspapers […]

New Zealand’s Cops To Be Armed? Be Careful What You Wish For!

Last week the call to arm our police force reached a fevered peak in our MSM. Police Association president Greg O’Connor restarted the debate after police shot a 50 year old male several times when called out for a domestic disturbance. The brand spanking new Minister of police “batted away” the call to arm the […]

Another Five Eye Country On The Security Counsel, One Step Closer To A Mad Dash To War

World affairs: Containing the “madness” of Islamic State militants, preventing a repeat of what has occurred in Gaza this year, and finding a lasting solution to tensions in the Ukraine are among New Zealand’s priorities if elected. New Zealand’s priorities as a security counsel member With the election of New Zealand, sold to us like […]

We Are Not Going To War, We Are Going To War Perhaps…. Um The Army Decides. John Key Caught Lying Again!

John Key promised us before the elections there would be no involvement of New Zealand in any wars. We knew that would not be true of course because we had all heard this little clip: We have known for a very long time that John Key loves war. Just so long as it isn’t his […]

Is This Why Labour Wants A Buy Back Fund? We Are Signed On To The International Centre For Settlement Of Investment Disputes

In my previous post I talked about the International Centre For Settlement of Investment Disputes as a tool to be able to fine sovereign states who want to Re-nationalize their assets.              I have always wondered at the lack of firm political stance from the Labour party on the subject […]

ISIS, Khorasans, Syria, Who The Fuck Cares, Same Dif Anyway!

For those of you still believing that we are going to help the good guys against the bad guys here are some links to articles you might want to read up on. Especially if you have loved ones in the NZ army who might be send over to Syria because that is what this is […]

It’s Official. I Live In The Stupidest Country In The world!

I just turned off the TV in utter disgust. New Zealand has just voted in National again. But not just voted them in with a huge loss because of their wanton corrupt and hideously dirty politics but they gave them an absolute majority. It seems New Zealanders loved being lied to, robbed, screwed, bullied, spied […]

War Mongering Alert: ISIS Could Attack New Zealand Too!

Yesterday I predicted that the propaganda machine would start here in New Zealand between 1 and 14 days and boy was I right! I told one of my readers  this morning that an anti terrorist raid or other violent event would not occur because that could backlash against National and thought that might happen after […]

30 % Of Detroit’s Population Will Loose Access To Clean Water But Water Meters Save Money?

Tell people they will save money and they will allow you to install meters to measure what they use. The first step to privatization taken painlessly. I’m sure the people of Detroit thought the same when the meters where put in. That was before the banks rorted them. Now 30% of the population faces their […]


War in the Ukraine, NATO And New Zealand. Yes, They Are Connected.

Update: I started writing this post yesterday and wish I could have known how quickly John Key where to have joined the sad dogs howling for WWIII. I would have published it yesterday. Update II: As was to be expected the other head of our political dragon known as the Labor party has joined in […]


Did You Know A Third Building Fell On 9/11?

In support of my 9/11 activist buddies in Wellington I want to give some attention to the fact that they are putting posters up all over Wellington to ask for attention for the fact that a third building collapsed on 9/11 which not a lot of people know about. In fact when I saw the […]

NATO Plays Regime Change Game In Timaru And We’re OK With That!

New Zealand is now part of the big boys and Kiwi’s apparently love this idea. In fact they can’t wait to play the bad guys so the good guys can practice how to implement REGIME change which while spun like it is a good thing is of course a WAR CRIME. Largely outside of the […]

A Price For A Nuclear Free New Zealand.

To many people NZ still is that nice nuclear free country but here is the thing: We no longer are! We may not have large nuclear reactors or nukes to bomb people with but what we do have is much more insidious and creepy. It goes largely under the radar but it is something that […]


Fluoride Voted Out In Hamilton, New Zealand

In a overwhelming vote majority of 7 to 1 Fluoride was voted out in the city of Hamilton. After a grueling 3 day hearing today at 10:15 am the council of Hamilton voted for common sense and the overwhelming evidence against the use of mass “medication” through the water supply and  on June 21 2013 […]


NZ airspace on the route for giant US military drones

Oh oops, missed this one: Here is my question, in fact I have several ones: Why was this a secret? Why is NZ en route for these monstrosities? Are these drones nuclear driven? (It seems that the answer to that one is that they still fly on conventional fuel Why is the Luftwaffe of Germany […]


Chemtrail over Raglan, New Zealand

Chemtrail over Raglan North Island New Zealand 4:45 PM onwards and still visible. Originating somewhere from Hamilton (airport?) ending over Raglan! White line spreading upwards with strange black rimmed clouds forming in them while the clouds outside of the line stayed white with a little darker belly like normal clouds. Now 5:20 pm the black […]