Secrecy Around The Cause Of The MH17 Crash And Putin Meeting Poroshenko. What Is Going On?

The Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine signed a secrecy pact around the investigation of the downing of the Malaysian Airliner MH 17. It is unclear if Malaysia has signed the pact as well. With 194 Dutch victims the Dutch are the state who lost most of the victims and as a Dutch National I am at […]

I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too.

This morning when trawling my usual sources of information I came across a curious bit of news nobody in the MSM cared to mention until the mayor of Hilversum which lost quite a few people in the attack on the MH 17 said that deporting the daughter of Putin might also be a good sanction […]

Calls For New EU Financial Order Increase As Total Meltdown Becomes Likely

Wow, this was the bank I banked with for 36 years. it’s gone! This was one of the most solid banks in Holland. Truly staggering. With major European banks now failing, calls have increased for an entire restructuring of the financial system under a centralized EU supervisory body. With Belgian-Dutch group Fortis becoming the first […]