On The Significance Of The 4th And The 5th Of May Or Why Events In The Ukraine Should Terrify Us.

For the Dutch the 4th and the 5th of May are the days we commemorate the beginning and the end of WWII. On the 4th we mourn the start of the war and the deaths of thousands of Dutch citizens during the course of the war which lasted 5 years to the day. The next […]

Jaw-Dropping Crimes of the Big Banks

Originally posted  on Washington’s blog Preface: Not all banks are criminal enterprises. The wrongdoing of a particular bank cannot be attributed to other banks without proof. But – as documented below – many of the biggest banks have engaged in unimaginably bad behavior. You Won’t Believe What They’ve Done … Here are just some of […]

Bilderberg weekend: Keep up with life reporting!!!

This weekend the rich and powerful not to mention some of the most prolific mass murderers and war criminals will be meeting in Zwitserland to decide whose going to follow Strauss Kahn up as the mass rapist of brown peoples of the world as the head of the IMF and how the war in Lybia […]

The Bush Crime Family Tree

What you reckon, are we on the side of the good guys or the bad guys? George Walker, GW’s great-grandfather, set up the takeover of the Hamburg-America Line, a cover for I.G. Farben’s Nazi espionage unit in the United States. In Germany, I.G. Farben was most famous for putting the gas in gas chambers; it […]