Nieuw Website for KASM (Kiwis against seabed mining)

The last two days I have had the great joy and sense of purpose of designing and building a new website for Kiwis Against Seabed Mining. Please visit and let us know you are with us. Trans Tasman Resources is our eye of Mordor and its roving along the beautiful vulnerable coast between Auckland and […]

Are you ready for WWIII: They eye of Mordor roves to Syria… and beyond.

Update: If you are easily grossed out maybe this is not the link for you but if like me you are driven by the need to know and want to know what happens if you bomb a library then perhaps it is the link for you. We “the West” are committing atrocities hidden behind the […]

Some background on Lord Ashcroft

To most New Zealanders Michael Ashcroft is the guy who forked out $ 200,000,- to buy back some old war medals and since most Pakeha and Maori folk still believe that they are fighting in just wars whenever the US calls on them to sacrifice some more young people that immediately bought him the goodwill […]