Money No Object But We Need Water Cannons Against The Poor!

When floods threatened the rich in the Thames valley Cameron said money is no object and of course it’s not because his banker mates print it out of thin air with nothing to back it up. But when you are poor, handicapped, old or otherwise of no use to the über rich the  spigot is […]

China Halts Bank Transfers And HSBC Ends Limited Cash Withdrawls, Are We Sliding Into The Next Phase?

I know it’s happy Auckland day and all that but for the rest of the world it’s business as usual. So here are a few headlines  you might want to check up on: China stops bank transfers. HSBC (of Rockstar economy infamy) Was forced to end the limitations on cash withdrawals after it tired to […]

Before Money There Was… Debt?

I’m about to start reading a book called “Debt: the first 5000 years”. I was intrigued by a lecture from writer David Graeber who puts forward that before money there was debt and that most transactions where not made with Gold or other precious metal but with the creation of debt. In other words if […]

My Choice 1-11-2013

Here is my choice of news for 1-11-2013: On Obama: Obama knows nuttin! The Obama Administration is Forcing Insurance Companies to Keep Quiet About ObamaCare Problems On Cheney: According to Dick Cheney “Canada is Too Dangerous”. He Fears Arrest but has not Cancelled his Trip to Toronto On Privacy: Head of Congressional Intelligence Committee: “You […]

On Paying Back Loans, Diminishing Incomes and The Inevitability Of Economic Collapse Under The Current System

In order  not to have to start just yet on what can only be called the mother of all dishes after feeding about 25-30 people throughout the Sunday on what was a beautiful day with beautiful people celebrating our good fortune in life, I thought I’d put down a couple of thoughts about why we […]

Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong!

Some interesting observations about money from Washington’s blog. Bloomberg notes this week that the conventional theory of why money was created is wrong: There are, broadly speaking, two accounts of the origin and history of money. One is elegant, intuitive and taught in many introductory economics textbooks. The other is true. The financial economist Charles […]

Shell Pulling Cash Out Of Europe Due To “Shift In Willingness To Take Risk”

A very dangerous development indeed! Even as the ECB is desperately doing its best to stick a finger in every hole in the leaking European dam, in which just like in the US failed monetary policy is a substitute for sound fiscal one, and in which the pattern of interventions and cause and effect will […]

Cris Trotter dares to say it out loud: Money is made out of thin air!!!

Cris Trotter is saying out loud in the MSM. Money is made out of thin air by the banks and we are paying it back with our hard slog AND they charge interest! Copied and pasted in it’s entirety because online papers have a way of changing content and not for profit reasons. OPINION: Ever […]

Money and Politics in America

Democrats in Denver Should Skip One of Their Parties and Read the American Monetary Act How are things going at the Democratic Party National Convention in Denver this week? Are they talking about the fact that the Western world is run by an international financial elite headquartered in London, the financial capitals of mainland Europe […]