The American Economy is at a Standstill but NZ Milk Prices will Rise

The US farming community is suffering major draughts and herds have been killed of as the price of grain is becoming prohibitive so the logical conclusion is that Kiwi farmers will be able to fetch a higher price for their milk solids. But is it? Here is another example of Main stream media bizarro land. […]

Are the BRIC’s gonna help us out when the West collapses?

BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China and if I had a dollar every time Kiwi’s thought that those countries would take over when the West collapses I would not have worry in the world but will they? Thing is all these countries thrived for a number of reasons but they foremost thrived because […]

Yeiks, Cloned meat in our foodchain

Two days ago the news broke that milk from cloned cows had secretly been inserted into our food chain now it turns out that meat from cloned cows has been sold too. Beef from a clone farm bull has illegally entered the food chain, ending up on family dinner tables. The animal, the offspring of […]

China scandal hits Fonterra hard

LATEST: Fonterra has taken a massive $139 million hit on the value of its San Lu business in China, following the contaminated milk crisis. The cooperative says San Lu brand has been destroyed. And Fonterra is reacting with shock to news from state media in China that the San Lu Group, 43 percent owned by […]

Months of lies as babies died

What can I say. I think at this moment in time I would not be a proud member of a cooperative that thinks it’s OK to help suppress information knowing children are dying because of the corporate interests vested in the Olympic games. Fonterra’s subsidiary, San Lu, lied for eight months to hide complaints about […]