A challenge to Michael Valley from the Standard

This is a copy and paste from the challenge I left on the open mike section of the Standard blog.  Here are the links to the original posts I refer too. Syria, China and Iran. After writing several MSM propaganda posts on why we should attack Syria , why China would be the next empire […]

After Homs?

This is what appeared on Standard blog today. This is so much like mainstream media propaganda that I am despairing about what is going on behind the scenes at the Standard because if they are prepared to put this unsubstantiated propaganda crud on written by someone who appeared out of nowhere whereas until recently every […]

Is the Standard blog a mainstream media shill

In what can only be described as a mainstream media propaganda piece a previously unknown writer named Michael Valley (who has no other web presence such as a blog making independent verification of his integrity or political independence impossible) published a post which can only be described as an unmitigated call for yet another all […]