Competition Is A Sin

Competition is a Sin! John D, Rockefeller In this show Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser discuss the TPP and TTIP and how it eliminate competition which gives credence to the quote attributed to John D. Rockefeller: Competition is a sin and should therefor be destroyed. For anybody who has tried to have a little food […]

Money As Debt I And II

You might think that this is just some far fetched conspiracy theory but here is what the bank of England has to say about it’s money creation process:

Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.

2000, 2008, 2016. The Derivatives Wrecking Ball For Dummies

The financial terrorists who have played fast and loose with the global economy over the last 30 years are facing a shit storm of their own making. It pays to remember that while they will try to make us responsible for their terroristic financial activities it is their crisis and they are losing the trillions […]

We Are In Surplus. What?

In the UK in March 2015 the Government added prostitution and drug dealing to the GDP so they could pump the numbers. Yesterday the NZ government all of a sudden announced that we were in surplus. How can we be in surplus when our debt like in the UK is exploding?! Have they added prostitution […]

From The Mouth Of A Trader: All Trading Is Based On Fraud. All Traders Are Financial Terrorists

Max Keiser, TV host of the Keiser report has never made a secret of his criminal activities on Wall street. Why would he? Everybody else did it and it was the business model on which Wall street was based right from the start. Here is Max Keiser himself, talking at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam […]

Convincing Voters And Investors To Vote And Bet Against Their Own Self-Interest And Purring Queens!

For those of you interested in the shenanigans of our banking elite and yes, that includes John Key, here are Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert explaining it all and in the second half Mitch Feierstein of explains how the  five eyes nations manipulate European countries to do the same. The Bankers have had a […]

Max and Stacey 560: Fraud Is Now The De Facto Business Model And Cameron Works For The City Of London Or Why The TTIP Will Enslave Europe As Much As The Pacific Countries Signing The TTP

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the tigers, flies and naked officials fleeing China for the U.S. where corruption is not being cracked down on. They also discuss the naked pork bun running London and what to expect for the housing bubble if China does crackdown on corruption. […]

On Default Swaps, New Zealand Farmers And Small Businesses And How Banks Have Set them Up For Looting!

Here Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert explain why the  credit default swap was a bad idea and those who were forced to buy them where set up to fail in order to rob them of their businesses and here in New Zealand where it emerged that farmers had been “advised” to buy those same Default […]

Max and Stacey on Trade Agreements And Fining The Loss Of Imaginary Profit

It’s like this: If a corporation just says “we anticipated this profit and you made that impossible” a selected committee of fellow corporations and lawyers can fine a country for not giving that profit to a corporation under the TPP treaty. You up for that?

Open Letter To The All Blacks: AIG’s CEO Thinks He Is A Lynched Nigger Cause Of His BIG Bonuses. Where Is The Outrage!

If the All Blacks refuse to address their Sponsor’s vile attempts to redirect the righteous anger of millions of Americans who are suffering because of the massive bailouts to AIG and other financial institutions I suggest Maori should re-appropriate the Haka and let the All Black be who they have chosen to be: A rich mans toy and money generator for more dishonest financial scams and products.

They Don’t Need Us Anymore! Why? Because They Can Print Their Own Money And The Queen Digs Up Gold!

It may have escaped the average human being but Prince Charles and the Queen  have managed to make peace in a feud that has lasted 400 years. Over what was the feud? Well…. Gold of course! It appears millions of pound of the stuff have been found in Cornwall which made it an issue of […]

Max and Stacey Episode 390: Deadly Deflation and WWIII

It is said that if the bankers can no longer hide their Ponzi schemes they take us to a hot war. And in true banker tradition it seems they are doing exactly that.  Japan which is of course nothing other than a puppet state for the United States is ratcheting up the tension with China […]

Max Keiser: The Dollar Will Collapse In 2013

Max Keiser on Press TV explains why the dollar  will collapse in 2013. He also explains what the tax hikes for  the $ 400.000 and over really mean and why inflation means that it means more poverty for the middle class. Here is another link giving more details about the fact that 77% of the […]


Max And Stacey 378: The Big Bond Bang or Why The Cullen Fund IS Going To Go Bust

Just last week the New Zealand Sovereign wealth fund known to us as the Cullen fund was awarded as the most innovative Sovereign wealth fund in the world. It beat The Kazakhstan oil fund and everybody thought this was great! Here is why it is not:


Something To Show Your Mom And Dad, Those Coleagues Who Think You’re Nuts and The Rest of The Sheeple: They Are Stealing Whole Nations!

When you try to tell your loved ones and “those” colleagues about how the banks are stealing whole nations you get either one of two looks: The turning of the eyes look accompanied by: “Oh, here we go again” or The blank look accompanied by: “Neh, you’ve got it all wrong mate, it’s them (fill […]

Max And Stacey E355

Max and Stacey on Gono, Zimbabwe’s reserve bank Governor and about how what he did to “help” the economie is exactly the same as what the Federal Reserve in New York is doing and in the second half an interview with Jim Richards author of Currency wars.

peace prize

ROFL, ROFL, ROFL…. Oh Shit It’s True; Europe Was Given The Nobel Peace Prize!

Update: Thank you Chris for pointing out the Price/Prize error. English is my second language and I know I make stupid mistakes sometimes! In what can only be described as a surreal choice the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize was given to Europe. These days Europe only exist in the minds of a very small elite […]

On Shooting at Helicopters, the Birmingham Looter And Why Revolution is Becoming Inevitable

let me start with an disclaimer: I do not condone Violence, Looting or Riots as a rule. In fact I absolutely abhor it. But when Crime, Looting and let’s face it Violence on an apocalyptic scale are being perpetrated by a small ultra rich cabal I don’t see how it can be avoided that other […]

John Key Doesn’t Believe in Accountability. He Doesnt Have To, He’s A Banker!

In light of these international crimes and the total lack of justice and accountability it should come as no surprise we can’t hold our elected officials accountable either. John is doing after all what he has always done. Do what you want as long as you can get away with it. No ethic or integrity required and with the support of the 1% he can not go wrong. Period!

Lesson Learned: Don’t Try To Hold On to A Horse’s Hind Leg When It Tries To Kick

Saturday in an attempt to take care of one of my horse’s hind leg hoof I sprained my thumb bad enough to have to go to the doctor and have it taped tomorrow making it very hard to write and publish posts. Hence the info drought! Here are a couple of links to new Max […]

Max and Stacey and Catherine Austin Fitts on Gina Rinehart and the Killer Class

Here are Max Keiser and soon to be wife Stacy Herbert on Gila Monster Gina Rinehart and her God complex and Max and Catherine Austin Fitts on the Killer class and the rest of us who are not allowed to kill and yes, if you equate the Killer Class with the .001% you can pass […]

The Collapse Between Now and April 2013. Are you Prepared?

Here are a few Videos! Max Keiser,Gerald Celente and Alex Jones with their guests discussing Gold and Silver manipulation, global collapse and how it might look and the LIBOR scam uncovering the manipulation of just about every market!

Oh, and how the Corporate Privatised Prison system is competing the last surviving businesses out of the market. Soon the only way US citizens will get a job will be if they go to prison!