Investigator Commits Suicide, Lies About A (Non)Murdered Policeman And Plenty Of Journalist Hating World Leaders Defending Freedom Of Speech

The police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo massacre apparently killed himself with his service gun just before he was going to write a report about the case. He suffered from work stress and burn out so we are told. I would think that whoever appointed the commissioner would have made sure the man could actually […]

Netanyahu Orders Ground Invasion

According to the Dutch New Paper de Volkskrant Netanyahu has ordered a full ground invasion into Gaza to start. If this is true it is going to be hideous and brutal since the people of Gaza while warned to leave have absolutely no place to go. The news was published online on 17 July at […]

Gun Control: The Big Picture

Let me just say that I very much subscribe to the sentiments of Washington’s blog. I grew up in the aftermath of WWII in a gun free country. Not even the police carried guns and I never thought I would ever subscribe to the the right of a man/woman to bear arms. But in a […]

Patriot Missile_0

In The Mean Time: THe US Prepares For War In Syria

While all eyes are directed to the hideous Sandy Hook massacre and Obama plays big daddy the US government does what it does best: It prepares for another war in which no doubt hundreds of children will die for absolutely no reason in brutal acts of senseless violence. ————————————– Update: the logical response did not […]

Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game with Washington in Syria and Eurasia

by F. William Engdahl WHo is also responsible for an excellent analysis of the financial system called the Financial Tsunami. Since reassuming his post as Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has lost no minute in addressing the most urgent geopolitical threats to Russia internationally. Not surprisingly, at the center of his agenda is the explosive situation […]

Witnesses to al-Houla Massacre: Massacres Were Carried Out Against Specific Families That Support the Government

Two witnesses to al-Houla massacre said that the massacres in that area were carried out by armed terrorists who targeted specific families that supported the government and refused to join protests, bear arms or pay money to the terrorists. The two witnesses, who identities were not disclosed for their protection, said on Friday in interviews […]

Kandahar slaughter preplanned, executed by squad – Afghan top brass

An Afghan parliamentary investigation team has implicated up to 20 US troops in the massacre of 16 civilians in Kandahar early on Sunday morning. It contradicts NATO’s account that insists one rogue soldier was behind the slaughter. ­The team of Afghan lawmakers has spent two days collating reports from witnesses, survivors and inhabitants of the […]

The Euro collapse, FEMA camps and China’s and Indian’s demise it’s all coming to pass as I write this

When I scour the Internet for News and items I think New Zealanders should know I often think of a man whom while we fell out over my apparent disrespect for ANZAC day I still think of as a friend. I will refer to him as A as I want to protect his privacy.  A […]

The Honourable Cynthia McKinney reports from Libya: It’s a massacre!!!

For those of you who still laour under the impression that what is happening in Libya is a human intervention to save the Libyans from their “Monstrous” dictator here is a reality check. The honourable Cynthia McKinney, former US congress woman, is in Libya for a fact finding mission. Here is her report:

Was the Fort Hood massacre a mutiny?

The massacre at fort Hood this week has been painted by the MSM as a lone Muslim psychiatrist gone mad because he was send overseas and while shouting Allah Akhbar (God is great) shot randomly at soldiers. Not only that the man allegedly was a member of the same Mosque attended by three of the […]

Baghdad’s Coming Refugee Crisis

U.S.-back Iraqi forces are gearing up for a new push deeper into Sadr City that could worsen fighting and displace hundreds, a government spokesman in Baghdad said. “There will be a big offensive soon,” said Iraqi government spokesman Tahseen al-Sheikhly. He did not say when the operation would go forward. In east Baghdad the Iraqi […]