John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod […]

Any Chance We Could Hunt A Human Here?

Today I want to share a story with you here that I find most disturbing. I have  no way of checking the veracity except that it was brought to my attention by an elderly gentleman and Kaumatua of the utmost integrity and whose standing in the Maori community is above reproach. He has been a […]

Raglan Is Angry. Not Once, Not Twice But Three Times!

To the casual observer such as your average JAFA who visits on a weekend, Raglan might be a quaint, somewhat rustic town with a curious but laid back mixture of locals, both Maori and Pakeha, with overtones of ancient hippiedom mixed with an eclectic assortment of people of all cultures, countries and walks of life […]

It’s cheaper to let Maori children die

Yep, Them Maori’s get it all for free and they’re all on the dole and we have to slog away while they have it easy. Economists have proven it’s cheaper to let Maori children die than spend money to provide equitable health treatment. Maori children have some of the worst health outcomes in the country. […]

On black sheep and lost opportunities

Having been the appointed black sheep in my family thus allowing all kinds of stresses and dysfunction to be unloaded without having to confront dysfunctional emotions and allowing the dysfunctional system to continue taught me how to recognise the mechanisms which keep a black sheep a black sheep and the powers that be in power. […]

I like Hone and why he should stay.

I don’t know the man personally but hope to one day shake his hand. I like his stance, his total disregard for political speak and his brutal honesty. Which is funny since I am as white and middle class as it comes and my ancestors were responsible for the word “apartheid”. But compared to the […]

Injustices against Maori ‘need to be addressed’

Oh, and by the way, judging by how National and Act deal with advisory committees an all out war for those Maori seats in Auckland instead of another advisory board seems in perfect order to me. The Waitangi Tribunal says several injustices against the Urewera people from 1865 to 1872 need to be addressed by […]

Race relations on track for a more settled year

Well actually no, they are not on track for a more settled year. What we see here is not a more friendly relation between Maori-Pakeha what we have witnessed is the capitulation and collaboration of the elite party leadership to their Pakeha masters. With the Maori party’s leadership’s shameful collaboration with National they are probably […]

Parliament in urgency

I apologise in advance for the next rant but I am so incredibly angry and frustrated with the Kiwi stupidity that I have to let of some steam. When I still commented on the Standard site I predicted this months and months ago. I was called a conspiracy nut and Tane one of the moderators […]

White House altered, deleted press releases on ‘coalition of the willing

I reckon the only people still believing the “Coalition of the willing” hype is the New Zealand population and that  includes both Pakeha and Maori. The Pakeha because they want to believe in the Superiority of the Anglo Saxon culture and the Maori because they actually volunteer for the NZ Army in a misguided believe […]